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Ericsson and Vodafone New Zealand bring MINI-LINK Traffic Node to New Zealand

Ericsson and Vodafone New Zealand are deploying the MINI-LINK Traffic Node in New Zealand. This makes Vodafone New Zealand one of the first operators to deploy the smart microwave node.

Press release  |  Feb 19, 2004 13:30 (GMT +00:00)

With the introduction of more bandwidth demanding services in mobile networks there are several issues that need to be addressed in the transmission network. These are to minimize the impact on operational and capital costs. The Traffic Node concept enables operators with microwave networks to address these issues at a lower cost and with increased network control than previously possible.

"We chose MINI-LINK Traffic Node as it strengthens our traffic control and manageability as well as giving substantial savings in site accommodation cost," says Paul Hallowes, Vodafone New Zealand Radio Engineer.

"We are delighted to have further strengthened our business relationship and our technology leadership," says Sivert Bergman, Vice President and General Manager of Business Unit Transmission and Transport, Ericsson.

The contract between Ericsson and Vodafone New Zealand covers the implementation of MINI-LINK Traffic Node, and product warranty services.

Commercial deployment began late 2003.
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About Vodafone
Vodafone New Zealand Ltd is part of Vodafone Group Plc, the world's largest mobile community. Vodafone provides a full range of mobile telecommunications services, including voice and data communications.  Vodafone has equity interests in 26 countries and Partner Networks in a further 12 countries, with a proportionate customer base of over 130 million.
At as December 2004 Vodafone New Zealand has more than 1,527,000 customers on its fully digital network providing coverage to 97 per cent of the population.

About MINI-LINK Traffic Node
MINI-LINK Traffic Node is an industry-unique smart microwave solution that boosts mobile transmission capacity and control in a variety of network applications, at lower cost. Fully compatible with the large installed base of MINI-LINK E radios - it is able to perform switching of traffic between different radio links, dramatically increasing the aggregated transport capacity, especially at hub sites. The solution eliminates the need for extensive manual cabling - for example, when aggregating capacity from several radio base stations within a microwave hub site - and enables end-to-end connection management. The effect is reduced capital and operational expenditure throughout the lifetime of the transport network. In particular, installation and maintenance costs are considerably reduced compared with traditional solutions, while rack space requirements are reduced by up to 70 per cent.