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Ericsson's SIM authentication solution for Public WLAN in roaming trials with TeliaSonera

Ericsson and TeliaSonera are employing Ericsson's standards based SIM card log on solution for WLAN in international roaming trials between TeliaSonera GSM/WLAN networks in Finland and Sweden. These are the first such trials to be conducted according to the guidelines of the GSM Association.

Press release  |  Feb 23, 2004 12:25 (GMT +00:00)

The Ericsson EWAS (Ericsson WLAN Authentication Server), featuring the latest 3GPP standards, is used to connect the HomeRun WLAN network and the GSM network and to authenticate the user based on the same trusted security mechanisms as used in the GSM systems. The trials are being performed between TeliaSonera GSM/WLAN networks in Finland and Sweden.

The SIM trials are conducted under the auspices of the GSM Association, the organization representing most of the world's GSM operators, where TeliaSonera is chairing the WLAN Task Force.  The necessary standards have been developed by 3GPP and are scheduled for formal release by mid-year 2004. When this technology is introduced commercially, the same GSM SIM cards that are used in mobile phones can also be used for WLAN, significantly simplifying access to the Internet for traveling business people. 

In addition to simplifying the use of WLAN, SIM card sign on for WLAN also increases the security of the WLAN service.  The user of a WLAN equipped laptop only needs to insert a SIM card in the laptop. The network carries out the necessary signaling to make sure that the user is allowed to use the network; and after the user has concluded his/her session, bills it to the user's monthly GSM phone bill.

Ericsson's WLAN system has been developed in cooperation with Swedish company ServiceFactory AB, Europe's leading supplier of WLAN service creation and provisioning systems.

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