Ericsson integrates, hosts and manages number portability services for Hungarian operators

Ericsson has signed managed services contracts with five Hungarian wireline operators - PanTel, Monortel, Invitel, Hungarotel and Emitel. The contracts include implementation, integration and hosting of a number portability service. Ericsson is responsible for round-the-clock operation and maintenance of the hosted solutions.
Press release
Jun 15, 2004 06:33 (GMT +00:00)
The hosted solution for number portability enables wireline subscribers to keep their telephone number regardless of which network they choose. Ericsson's solution is connected to the reference database of the Hungarian National Communications Authority (NHH) to enable efficient number portability.

The implementation of number portability is a basic requirement to be met on the telecommunication markets in the European Union. Ericsson's hosted solution for number portability enables operators to meet these directives in a fast, cost-efficient and easy way.

"Ericsson's technology leadership and economies of scale enable us to assist operators and service providers to launch services at reduced risk and known costs, at pre-defined service levels," said Staffan Pehrson, President Ericsson Hungary.

Ericsson's hosting offering reinforces the trend toward managed services in which operators and vendors work as partners to reduce costs and bring new services to market as quickly as possible. The offering includes applications and enablers, as well as content such as music, entertainment and games provided by Ericsson's content partners. Ericsson takes the responsibility for integration, around-the-clock operation and maintenance through regional operation centers.

Ericsson is shaping the future of Mobile and Broadband Internet communications through its continuous technology leadership. Providing innovative solutions in more than 140 countries, Ericsson is helping to create the most powerful communication companies in the world.

Josephine Edwall-Björklund, Ericsson Communications
Phone: +46 70 519 1698, +46 8 719 6992

Borbála Székely, Communication Director, Ericsson Hungary
Phone: +36 1 437-7432

About Emitel
Emitel Co. Ltd. is an LTO in the southern part of Hungary. During the Company's ten-years operation the most up-to-date telecommunications services became available for its private and business customers.

Emitel Co. Ltd. operates according to the requirements of the ISO international quality standards. As a member of the Matáv Group, the Company strives to satisfy the communications demands entirely, both in the respect of quality and quantity. Emitel Co. Ltd. focuses on the popularisation and sale of Internet and the broadband Internet (ADSL) services.

About Hungarotel
Hungarotel Rt. is the Hungarian company of HTCC, a dynamic, customer driven telecommunications LTO, providing high standard, highly professional and comprehensive voice, data and Internet services in 263 settlements for 194,000 subscribers throughout Hungary.

About Invitel
Invitel is the second largest fixed line service provider of Hungary with a 12.5 percent market share. Most of Invitel's residential and business customers live in the 9 primary areas where Invitel is the local operator. Invitel also provides nationwide voice, data and Internet services with the help of its national backbone and infrastructure presence in the 16 major cities and the capital of the country. Invitel is owned by GMT Communications Partners and AIG Emerging Europe Infrastructure Fund.

About Monortel
The Monor Telephone Company (MTT, Monortel) has been covering 43 settlements at the southeastern part of Pest County in Hungary as a public local telecommunication operator since 1994. By the year of 2000, MTT, with an up-to-date network entirely based on optical and digital switching technique, has become a company providing full-scale integrated telecommunications services.

In 1996, they were the first ones in Hungary to change over to providing services exclusively over digital networks, in 1998 to introduce calling party identification and in 2002 fee packages including unlimited, free local and short distance calls. Since 1996 the company has also offered Internet services. In 2004, being the first one among Hungarian service providers, MTT launched ADSL broadband Internet access throughout their entire service area. They were also among the very first ones to launch wireline SMS services.

About PanTel
PanTel Telecommunications and Communications Company holds a major position in the Hungarian and Central and Eastern European business communications market. The company offers traditional and IP telephony and also VPN services with which they are a key player on the telecom market in Hungary and the CEE region. The network that offers practically unlimited bandwidth and capacity supplies the basic infrastructure for service provision. Through its backbone and access networks PanTel offers voice, video and data transmission with unparalleled reliability. The company's international connections assure their customers can reach their partners all over the world.

PanTel's customers are primarily other carriers and ISP's and large companies like IBM, Philips, Citibank, At&T, General Electric, Pepsi and Unilever, just to mention a few. As a regional player they offer their services in the whole CEE region to multinational companies.