World record data speed on T-Mobile Hungary's GSM EDGE network supplied by Ericsson

Press release
Jul 02, 2004 13:30 (GMT +00:00)
T-Mobile Hungary and Ericsson successfully demonstrated the high-speed mobile data possibilities with EDGE technology. The aim of the application level measurements was to assess the robustness and outstanding performance of EDGE delivered by Ericsson in a live radio environment. The measurements were performed according to the Ericsson test description for active GPRS/EDGE end-to-end performance testing at pre-selected measurement locations.

EDGE service has been commercially available in T-Mobile's network in Hungary since November, 2003. In addition to the world record of 235.6 kbit/s peak download speed the test also proved that EDGE benefits from T-Mobile's well-planned and optimized radio network. However, the current commercially available network configuration of T-Mobile Hungary supports only 100 kbit/s peak data rates.

EDGE is a natural complement to 3G WCDMA technology providing high-speed mobile data services in rural as well as urban areas.