At the extraordinary general meeting in Ericsson today, the shareholders decided to change the difference in voting rights between A- and B-shares. Following the change each A-share confers one vote and each B-share confers one tenth of a vote.

The general meeting also decided to implement a conversion clause into the Articles of Association entailing that one B-share may be converted to one A-share during the period September 20 - December 10, 2004 by holders of a special conversion right.

Furthermore, the general meeting decided to issue conversion rights to holders of A-shares. Each registered holder of A-shares on September 10, 2004 will receive one conversion right for each A-share. One conversion right entitles the holder to convert one B-share to one A-share during the period September 20 - December 10, 2004.

Finally, the general meeting decided not to approve Mr. Hellbom's proposal on the abandonment of the A-shares.
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