Ericsson selected as sole supplier of broadband access by Matáv in Hungary

Matáv, the incumbent telecom operator in Hungary, has selected Ericsson to deliver its Ethernet DSL Access solution, providing new broadband capabilities to their subscribers.
Press release
Jan 13, 2005 11:30 (GMT +00:00)

"We intend to apply a state-of-the-art Ethernet based DSLAM technology to increase our DSL coverage in small settlement areas in a cost-effective way and to introduce a new generation of broadband services for residential users in high capacity areas," said Peter Janeck, Chief Technical Officer of Matáv. "Matáv's broadband strategy is to double subscriber connections in the next two years. The main target for our tendering process was then to select a scalable modular and future-proof DSLAM system proved by a detailed life-cycle cost analysis."

"We are pleased to have qualified as the sole supplier to Matav's roll-out of high-performance broadband access," said Staffan Pehrson, President of Ericsson Hungary. "Ericsson's Ethernet DSL Access solution enables Matáv to achieve their goals in the fast-growing DSL market with advanced broadband services."

Ericsson's EDA solution is the most widely deployed IP/Ethernet DSLAM with over 60 contracts globally, utilizing the latest ADSL2+ technology with Gigabit Ethernet uplinks, Ethernet aggregation switches and BRAS. It is also the most mature IP/Ethernet DSLAM in the market with over two years of commercial network deployment experience and fourth generations of IP DSLAM shipping to date.
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