Ericsson to introduce GSM 450 to its product portfolio

Ericsson intends to expand its GSM portfolio into the 450 MHz frequency band, supplementing its radio access offering. GSM 450 enables cost-efficient GSM mobile coverage in markets that have not already been covered. The GSM 450 solution supports full global GSM roaming.
Press release
Oct 11, 2005 13:52 (GMT +00:00)
By expanding the portfolio with GSM 450, mobile access will be available for new markets and operators. Ericsson GSM 450 will particularly help to bring mobile services to remote areas previously considered not feasible to cover. Better coverage with lower operating costs is one result of the new technology. Supplementing fixed line networks is also an advantage in rural areas.

GSM 450 will support global roaming and have all the functionality and features that are offered in other frequency bands for GSM. GSM 450 offers advanced data solutions with EDGE and GPRS for high-bit-rate applications.

Ulf Ewaldsson, Vice President and head of GSM solutions at Ericsson, says: "We believe that GSM will be the leading access technology supporting mass-market services for a long time to come. GSM 450 is the next logical step in providing service to emerging growth markets."

To enhance capacity and coverage potential in the future, 450 can be combined with current frequency bands, even in the same geographical area. This means that the operator can combine the coverage characteristics of 450 MHz with high-capacity solutions provided by the current frequencies. All generally supported features in GSM will also be supported in the GSM 450 band. Infrastructure can be shared between all supported GSM bands.

Ericsson, together with major handset vendors, is driving the 450 solutions to enable product launch during 2006, depending on market demand.

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