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Ericsson Expander provides cost-efficient coverage to Colombia Telecomunicaciones

Ericsson and Colombia Telecomunicaciónes have successfully deployed Ericsson Expander to enable cost-efficient coverage in Colombia's rural areas. By incorporating the Expander solution into the network, along with Ericsson's advanced radio solutions and radio planning knowledge, it has been possible to drastically reduce operational and capital expenditures.

Press release  |  Feb 11, 2005 09:15 (GMT +00:00)

Since being selected three years ago to deploy the operator's first GSM network, Ericsson continues to help Colombia Telecomunicaciónes expand its network to reach isolated communities in which most of the country's population is based. Ericsson Expander allows operators to make a profit from subscribers who spend as little as USD 5 per month by minimizing the number of sites.

"We are very proud to further develop our relationship with Colombia Telecomunicaciones by supporting the expansion of its nationwide network," said Robert Pajos, president of Ericsson's North Latin America operations. "This is a clear example of how reducing the number of sites has a big impact on the total cost of ownership, thus minimizing operational and capital expenditures."

"With the implementation of Ericsson's Expander functionality, our coverage has multiplied by four, and we have been able to reach new geographical areas where coverage costs traditionally were very high with traditional solutions," said Alfonso Gómez, President of Colombia Telecomunicaciónes.

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Ola Rembe, Ericsson Group Function Communications
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Natalia Vargas, Marketing & Communications Manager
Ericsson North Latin America
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About Ericsson Expander Solutions
Ericsson Expander targets high subscriber growth markets and provides low total cost of ownership (TCO) for operators expanding into new geographical areas. High quality performance and scalable coverage is essential to achieve low TCO.

The Ericsson Expander offering puts the focus on the radio network, but to reduce the total cost of ownership, all parts of the network needs to be considered. Therefore, Ericsson Expander includes also core network, transmission and service layer functionality. Tailored business and technology consultancy services are available in order to develop business cases and design networks with optimal quality and performance.

Ericsson Expander offers lower total cost of ownership, while maintaining cost-efficient coverage by taking advantage of advanced functionality, which minimizes the number of sites. Ericsson Expander Solutions support both GSM/EDGE and CDMA2000.