Ericsson selected by Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) to supply IMS based combinational services

Ericsson has been selected as supplier of its IP Multimedia System (IMS) including combinational services to TIM Italy. The implementation of the IMS based services will enable TIM's mobile users to share videos, images, and collaborate on whiteboards while having an ongoing phone conversation. The new services will be available on a number of different terminals from a variety of suppliers.
Press release
Feb 14, 2005 10:00 (GMT +00:00)
Under the contract Ericsson has supplied its IMS system, terminal client software and support and integration services. Ericsson's IMS enables full interoperability between operators, network types and handsets, something that is essential for fulfilling the mass-market potential of the services.

Ericsson's combinational services demonstrate a new paradigm in richer communications. A main benefit with combinational services is to enrich and enhance end user's experience, providing the consumers with an instant way of sharing different media during an ongoing voice call. Ericsson's combinational services are based upon existing user behavior, which will improve service take-up rates. It will also create a number of new business opportunities for mobile operators.

"We have identified significant opportunities for IMS based combinational services in multiple market segments, and will offer an important enhancement to our current service portfolio using a range of terminals," says Luca Luciani, Head of Operations of Telecom Italia Mobile "This is an excellent way to build on our current revenue base. Ericsson delivers on the promise of interoperability and our initial trials have already started".

"Ericssons strong relationship with TIM allowed us to leverage on synergies between the existing infrastructure and services and the new system introduced," says Valter D'Avino, Ericsson's Key Account Manager for Telecom Italia and Telecom Italia Mobile. "Ericsson's combinational services fit very well TIM's vision for further evolving communications business."

Ericsson IMS is based on 3GPP/PP2, OMA and ETSI TISPAN. Ericsson's combinational services follow the new standard being currently agreed in 3GPP. Up to date, Ericsson has signed 25 IMS contracts for commercial launch or trial.

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