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Ericsson signs agreements with terminal manufacturers as part of its CDMA2000 450 MHz offering for high growth markets

Ericsson has signed frame agreements to supply and test CDMA2000 450 MHz terminals with AnyDATA, Axesstel (AMEX:AFT) and Ubiquam.

Press release  |  Feb 24, 2005 08:10 (GMT +00:00)

The frame agreements enable Ericsson to supply CDMA2000 450 MHz terminals as part of an end-to-end product and service offering. In addition, the companies have agreed to cooperate in the further development, testing and customization of CDMA2000 products as particular supply opportunities arise. Testing and features will include fixed wireless capability for CDMA2000 1X and 1xEV-DO, PTT capability, and R-UIM capability, among others.

"Ericsson is committed to providing advanced CDMA2000 solutions that ensure our customers can successfully meet the demand for capacity growth cost-effectively," said Egil Gronstad, vice president, Product Line Management with Ericsson Mobile Systems CDMA. "Adding CDMA2000 450 MHz terminals to our portfolio will ensure a well-tested, integrated, end-to-end solution that delivers value-added services to our customers and enables fast and easy deployment."

Many operators with spectrum in the 450 MHz frequency are replacing their existing analog NMT450 networks with CDMA2000, thereby enabling them to deploy state-of-the-art technology with clear voice calls and data capabilities with higher capacity. It is also expected that many countries will allocate new spectrum for CDMA2000 450 MHz.

Ericsson's 450 MHz CDMA2000 solution is a cost-effective 3G solution based on industry leading, true 3G platforms that support 1X and 1xEV-DO. The solution is the next step in Ericsson's recently launched Expander offering, which is designed to improve scalability and provide cost-effective solutions for high growth markets.

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Ola Rembe, Ericsson Group Communications
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Christina Asmar, Sr. Communications Manager
Ericsson Mobile Systems CDMA
Phone: +1 858 332 5817

About Ericsson CDMA
Ericsson's total CDMA2000 solution, which includes infrastructure, applications, devices, services and proven market expertise, is optimized for delivering advanced data solutions. Developed by the industry's premier CDMA experts, Ericsson's true 3G CDMA2000 solution offers operators unique performance and cost-saving advantages by leveraging the full strength of Ericsson's expertise in wireless, IP/datacom and Mobile Internet technologies. Ericsson's CDMA2000 solution, based on innovative product design, global platforms and open standards, provides the flexibility operators need to succeed in an always-evolving wireless market.
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About AnyDATA
AnyDATA Corporation designs and manufactures CDMA2000 modules and modems for integration into a variety of voice and data products for worldwide distribution in all CDMA markets around the world. AnyDATA also designs a variety of products with our CDMA module embedded to direct selling to carriers and their distribution channels. CDMA frequencies supported by the AnyDATA module include 800Mhz, 1900Mhz, 1800Mhz, 2100Mhz, and 450Mhz.  Additional details on our complete product line can be found at
About Axesstel, Inc.
The Company designs, develops and markets fixed wireless voice and data products for the worldwide telecommunications market. The Company's products are based on Code Division Multiple Access, or CDMA, technology, and include CDMA2000 and emerging third generation, or 3G, broadband data technologies, which are newer versions of the CDMA standard. The Company's product lines include fixed wireless desktop phone terminals, payphone terminals, voice/data terminals and broadband modems used for high-speed data services. Axesstel is headquartered in San Diego, California, with a research and development center in Seoul, South Korea.
More information on Axesstel can be accessed through its website at
About Ubiquam
Since its inception in 2002, Ubiquam has been in center of the new challenges of CDMA 450 handset development. Ubiquam is the world's first name for developing PTT (Push-To-Talk) implemented handset in CDMA 450, which have been approved in the operator's network last year. Furthermore, Ubiquam made new era of  "Feature-rich phone" with BREW and BREW based Browser on color LCD for the first time in CDMA 450 that was market- launched in mid of last year. The relentless pursuit to be the cutting edge of CDMA 450 device vendor was again proven when Ubiquam developed and launched world first Compact Flash data card in CDMA 450 that enable CDMA 450 operators effectively compete against GSM operators by providing higher speed of data service. In this year, the successive handsets, Clamshell phone with Camera and cost-competitive bar type phone, would be launched in 1st quarter. Also upon the close cooperation with famous CDMA 450 operator, Ubiquam focus on  developing CDMA2000 1X and EV-DO handset with advanced and qualified engineering capabilities. Ubiquam is headquarted with a research and development center in South Korea. Read more about Ubiquam at