Ericsson corrects misprint in the Annual Report 2004

In the Annual Report 2004 certain figures in a section of the Board of Directors' report are misprinted. The misprint occurs in the text section and does not influence other published statements for the annual report for 2004.
Press release
Mar 29, 2005 07:03 (GMT +00:00)
In the Annual Report, in the section Board of Directors' Report (and the US version, the so called 20F) for 2004, under the heading Proposed Disposition of Earnings, the correct figures shall be:

Amount to be paid to the shareholders: SEK 4,033,064,670

Amount to be retained by the Parent Company: SEK 12,105,832,284
Total non-restricted equity of the Parent Company: SEK 16,138,896,954

The misprint does not affect any other part of Ericsson's Annual Report for 2004.

In Annual Report 2004, the complete version, the misprint is found on page 26. In Summary Report 2004, the shorter version of the annual report, the misprint is found on page 34.
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