Ericsson IPX payment and delivery solution - easy and reliable for mobile operators and content providers

Covering more than 360 million mobile subscribers around the world, the Ericsson Internet Payment eXchange (IPX) solution greatly simplifies the business model between content providers, mobile operators and consumers. IPX allows consumers to purchase content from different content providers and pay using their mobile phone and the existing charging relation with the mobile operator.
Press release
Mar 10, 2005 10:37 (GMT +00:00)
Requiring no new relationship, extra hardware or complicated registration procedures, content providers using IPX can gain charging access to consumers connected to IPX operators world-wide. IPX is a cost-efficient solution since it reduces the complexity and number of economical and technical relationships that an operator or content provider must manage.

Experience shows that consumers are reluctant to enter new billing relationships to pay for content. Today's penetration of mobile phones and the nature of the payments between mobile subscribers and operators make this relationship highly suitable for micro-payments.

Ericsson's IPX service facilitates the payment and distribution of mobile content while seamlessly interconnecting content providers and mobile operators. IPX handles the payments by making use of the existing financial relationship between operators and consumers.

Ericsson IPX focuses on mobile premium and non-premium connectivity via SMS, MMS, Web and WAP. As IPX coverage grows so does the reach of a content provider. Furthermore, IPX is a non-branded, white label service that is never visible to the consumers.

 "IPX has proven itself by playing a significant role in Ericsson's long-term services portfolio," said Johan Wibergh, Vice President Sales, Business Unit Global Services, Ericsson. "Using Ericsson's global presence and strong market share within mobile network operators IPX and its continuing expansion provide a true global payment solution where operators and content providers can fully benefit from the reach of Ericsson IPX," he said.

IPX customers include TV channels and broadcast media, newspapers, large corporations, and content and application providers.
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