Ericsson provides TDC with IMS for telephony and IP Centrex Services

Ericsson has been selected by TDC to provide Ericsson's IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) solution. The solution will allow TDC to offer its fixed network customers various services including IP telephony and IP Centrex to business users.
Press release
Jun 08, 2005 09:39 (GMT +00:00)
Ericsson's IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) gives operators an immediate revenue opportunity when evolving to all-IP operations, through a wide range of new or enriched services, and where service enablers for common functions can be reused for multiple fixed and mobile applications.

The IMS based IP Centrex functionality hosts a complete set of personal and group services, with the addition of multimedia support such as video telephony, conference calling, sharing of documents and web pages (collaboration), presence management, instant messaging, e-mail integration and support for remote workers. This will offer an important enhancement to TDC's portfolio using a broad range of interoperable terminals.

Dan Sörensson, Executive Vice President of TDC Solutions says: "In the years to come, many of our customers will add IP and mobile telephony to their communication needs. Ericsson's IMS solution supports our strategy to offer new convergent and innovative services for our customers, no matter what access network they are using".

Björn Olsson, Ericsson Executive Vice President and head of Systems, Ericsson, agrees with Sörensson about the fact that IMS is the foundation for cost-efficient enhanced communications that will provide additional revenue streams to the operators. "We are proud to be able to share with TDC our vast knowledge from working with IMS both from a standardization and development point of view," he says.
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