Ericsson selected by Maxis to provide, integrate and host 3G enterprise and consumer services

Maxis, a leading operator in Malaysia, has selected Ericsson's push e-mail solution, Ericsson Mobile Organizer, and Ericsson's video telephony solution as the platforms for two of its first 3G service offerings.
Press release
Jun 14, 2005 14:56 (GMT +00:00)
Under the agreement, Ericsson will provide Maxis with its mobile e-mail solution, Ericsson Mobile Organizer (EMO) and will also be responsible for the end-to-end system integration as well as hosting and management of the platform. With this agreement, Maxis becomes the first operator in Asia to introduce EMO as part of its 3G service to enterprise customers and consumers in general. 

EMO offers easy-to-use access to personal and corporate e-mail and other Personal Information Management (PIM) data while on the move. The internet edition is targeted at users of public e-mail services, while the enterprise edition targets enterprises with Microsoft or Lotus mail servers. 

Unlike other offerings in the market, EMO is a true "push" solution that offers up-to-date information without the requirement for proprietary hardware and special devices. E-mails, calendar updates and meeting requests are automatically delivered to the user via the mobile network and changes in the mobile device's inbox are instantly mirrored in the user's desktop mailbox.

Maxis has also chosen Ericsson's video telephony solution, which includes a Video Gateway System - a unique end-to-end solution that supports video telephony between a 3G phone and a broadband-connected PC. With Ericsson's solution, live video telephony communication between users of fixed-line broadband connections and 3G mobile multimedia networks is possible.

Edward Ying, Chief Operating Officer, Maxis says: "We are pleased that Ericsson is able to provide us with solutions that complement our effort to offer more easy-to-use, exciting new services to our 3G subscribers."

"These are only two of the many services that will be enabled by our 3G network. We want to ensure that our customers get nothing but the best mobile experience that technology can offer through superior 3G services," he adds.
Jan Signell, President of Ericsson South East Asia and Country Manager of Ericsson Malaysia, says: "The ease-of-use of both solutions will fit perfectly with Maxis' goal to enrich the mobile lifestyles of their customers."

"We have to ensure that customers such as Maxis are able to offer new and innovative 3G services, enabled by our technologies and services and based on our understanding of consumer needs," he says.

Recently, Maxis also became the first operator in Asia to introduce Ericsson's mobile music service, M-USE, a service that is hosted and managed by Ericsson.

Ericsson is shaping the future of Mobile and Broadband Internet communications through its continuous technology leadership. Providing innovative solutions in more than 140 countries, Ericsson is helping to create the most powerful communication companies in the world.

About Ericsson Video Telephony solutions
Ericsson offers a comprehensive video telephony solution for WCDMA operators. The solution includes standard mobile-to-mobile video telephony as well as a set of enhanced services. The services are offered as stand-alone solution components. Ericsson's video telephony solution includes Video Telephony Mobile to Mobile, Video Mail, Video Telephony Circuit Switched Streaming, Video Telephony Multi-party Conferencing and Video Telephony Mobile to IP client. The solution can be deployed in any operator's WCDMA network where basic video telephony is supported. Hutchison's 3 in Australia, UK, Hong Kong and Italy, TIM in Italy and Amena in Spain are among the 17 operators worldwide to choose Ericsson's solution.

About Maxis Communications Berhad
Maxis is Malaysia's premier telecommunications company and a market leader, with more than 40 percent of the market, providing high quality voice and data services to more than 6.5 million customers. Its mobile postpaid and prepaid services are offered under the Maxis and Hotlink brands respectively. The company has achieved its leading position through a clear strategy of developing premium brands, providing quality network and customer services, as well as introducing innovative services and products. In support of its mobile business, Maxis also operates an international gateway as well as a domestic fixed-line network, which offers voice and data services to business customers. Its broadband infrastructure includes fiber optic, microwave and VSAT technologies. Maxis will launch its 3G mobile phone services in July.