Ericsson's Telephony over IP MSAN solution selected by iiNet, a leading Australian ISP

Ericsson's EDA IP MSAN was selected by iiNet Limited, a leading Australian and New Zealand Internet Service Provider (ISP) to provide telephony over IP services to its broadband customers across Australia. This is Ericsson's first customer delivery of EDA IP MSAN in the world.
Press release
Jun 08, 2005 10:05 (GMT +00:00)
Telephony over IP is the carrier grade version of Voice over IP (VoIP), without the inconvenience of unreliable audio or requirement of extra household equipment.

"Ericsson's carrier grade Telephony over IP MSAN solution allows us to offer our customers a VoIP service with the same level of voice quality and services as landline phones," explained Greg Bader, CTO with iiNet.  "Our broadband customers will have the choice to enjoy a truly converged service of voice and data.  They can continue to use their existing handsets - the main difference will be competitively priced service bundles."

EDA IP MSAN is Ericsson's broadband-based IP/Ethernet platform that is capable of supporting telephony (POTS) over IP (H.248 or SIP) and broadband ADSL2+ on a single fully IP multi-service access node.
Peter Linder, Technical Director Wireline for Ericsson globally said: "iiNet's move to offer voice puts them on a level playing field with traditional carriers where fixed telephony is still the largest source of revenues.

Telephony over IP using EDA IP MSAN dramatically simplifies access infrastructure, reduces capital expenditure based on multiple services, and reduces operational expenditure."

Ericsson is the prime driver in IP/Ethernet-based access solutions with more than 60 commercial IP DSL Access Multiplexer contracts, enabling advanced services such as IPTV and broadcasted media.
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