Ericsson to provide European broadband provider B2 with VDSL2

B2 will deploy VDSL2 technology to deliver Triple Play services - Internet, IP Telephony and IPTV - over a High-Performance Broadband architecture based on IP/Ethernet technology. The VDSL2 system is planned to be in operation in October this year.
Press release
Aug 30, 2005 08:00 (GMT +00:00)
VDSL2 is the next major DSL technology and the first to allow for Ethernet end-to-end architectures, which will simplify networks. The early availability of VDSL2 systems lets operators experience the performance of VDSL2 first hand, and will be key to advancing vendor interoperability testing processes in 2006.

Ericsson addresses the VDSL2 market with a fully featured IP/Ethernet system that builds on the extensive experience gained from three years of EDA field deployments.

Peder Ramel, Chief Executive Officer, B2, says: "Ericsson has shown very strong performance, meeting our requirements for the current ADSL2+ rollout. Ericsson's demonstrated leadership in IP/Ethernet-based DSL solutions also lets us move forward into the VDSL2 market, in line with our ambition of always being first with the fastest offerings for our customers."

Peter Linder, Technical Director Wireline for Ericsson globally, says: "We are very pleased to extend our cooperation with B2 into a new technological area. B2's ambitious goals allow us to continually improve our DSL solutions and remain at the technological forefront, as we approach the VDSL2 market with great expectations."

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About B2

Bredbandsbolaget offers high-speed broadband for Internet access, telephony, digital TV and add-on broadband services. Bredbandsbolaget currently has 335,000 residential subscribers, making it Sweden's second-largest broadband provider with 25 percent of the market and number one in the major cities.

About VDSL2

Ericsson's EDA solution is the most widely deployed IP/Ethernet DSLAM with over 60 contracts globally. With the addition of VDSL2 capabilities in EDA, Ericsson further strengthens its competitiveness in the Broadband access market. VDSL2 is an emerging standard, expected over time to be deployed in significant volumes in the broadband access market. VDSL2 was initially approved by ITU in May this year, and work is now under way to secure it as a globally adopted technology. The focus in the market will initially be to secure vendor interoperability. Within the VDSL2 standard, features such as dual latency enable quality to be built into the network in all layers, which will be needed to handle all aspects of providing upcoming services such as IPTV. Another key feature is the ability to support both ADSL2+ and VDSL2 from the same DSLAM with a so-called fall back functionality.