Ericsson enables Automatic Device Configuration for Rogers Wireless customers

Ericsson was selected to enable Rogers Wireless, Canada's largest wireless provider, to offer faster and simpler activation and configuration of handsets and services through its Automatic Device Configuration (ADC) solution.
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Sep 07, 2005 06:25 (GMT +00:00)
Jim Smith, Vice President, Engineering, Rogers Wireless says: "The introduction of ADC into the Rogers Wireless network enables us to provide our customers with seamless access to their wireless service, even when they change their wireless device.

"With ADC, Rogers Wireless can further improve the quality of our customers' experience, from the point of activation and every time the customer wants to change his or her wireless device, Rogers Wireless can remotely configure the device with the services they need."

ADC simplifies the device management process for both operators and consumers. ADC can automatically detect the make and model of wireless devices on the network so that the right configuration information is sent to that particular phone for new services or updates.

Mark Henderson, President and CEO, Ericsson Canada, says that ease-of use is of vital importance for users of wireless services. "ADC will provide Rogers Wireless with a competitive advantage by removing the process of manually configuring wireless phones. Rogers Wireless is one of the key drivers of wireless services in North America, and these new capabilities will provide an enhanced level of services to its customers," he says.

Rogers Wireless is one of the first operators in the world to implement network-based technology that can automatically detect, configure, activate and update services and features, such as picture messaging and e-mail for handsets.  This technology streamlines the activation process - making it simpler for Rogers Wireless customers to set up their new wireless devices. 

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About Ericsson Automatic Device Configuration

With ADC users will receive configurations as soon as the mobile phone is turned on, making it easier to get started with MMS, WAP and other services.

By introducing ADC operators can achieve an updated and accurate view of what phones individual consumers are using. Based on this information, a configuration suited for services supported by any given handset is sent. This is done automatically in real-time. This means, the time-span to reach a higher penetration of activated consumers is shortened. In addition, the phone and user information can be utilized for provisioning, for example a user with a MMS capable phone is registered for MMS services.

ADC combines new network detect features with the already established device management techniques for activation over the air. A Device Management system allows the Operator to simplify sending of configuration settings for such as GPRS, MMS or WAP to the end-user.