Ericsson to build 3G core and transmission network for Vodafone in the Czech Republic

Press release
Apr 03, 2006 06:00 (GMT +00:00)
Vodafone Czech Republic has selected Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERICY) to build a 3G transmission and core network, including its market-leading mobile softswitch solution, in the Czech Republic. The core network will be completed by the end of June 2006.

The new 3G network will enable Vodafone Czech Republic to introduce a wide range of new multimedia services. Ericsson's Mobile Softswitch will bring about these services cost-efficiently and in shorter time. In addition, by implementing mobile softswitch into its network, Vodafone Czech Republic has taken the first step to all-IP.

Ericsson was also selected as the sole supplier for Vodafone Czech Republic's transmission network and will deliver the latest microwave radio system, MINI-LINK TN. It will provide efficient traffic aggregation, easy capacity expansion, and improve service quality and network control.

Fred Hrenchuk, Vice-President for Technology, Vodafone Czech Republic, says: "We want to make sure Vodafone's 3G services are delivered to customers seamlessly over a reliable network.  We believe that choosing Ericsson as one of our 3G network vendors represents a big step to achieve just that."

Patricia Curutchet Styf, President and Country Manager of Ericsson in the Czech Republic, says: "We look forward to supporting Vodafone Czech Republic in developing its business and contributing to its offer of providing the most advanced value-added services to Czech consumers."

Upon completion, the 3G core network will increase Vodafone's network capacity, performance and coverage to meet subscriber growth and demand for the operator's services in the Czech Republic.

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About Ericsson Softswitch solutions
Ericsson's Softswitch solutions are commercially proven systems that maintain and extend operator revenues. They provide a low-risk evolution of existing circuit-switched networks to a telecom-quality, IP multimedia service platform. They offer operators the opportunity to utilize network resources for next-generation services in the most cost-effective way, while continuing to profit from classic voice services. More than 70 fixed and mobile operators worldwide have commercially launched services based on Ericsson's true Softswitch solutions. Ericsson's Mobile Softswitch solution, based on third-generation softswitch servers and media gateways, supports common core for both 2G and 3G on ATM, TDM and IP protocols.

About Ericsson transmission solutions
Ericsson's ability to support operators in installing and expanding transmission networks is built on unique long-term experience. Our transmission expertise extends across all types of networks: some 300 customers in about 140 countries benefited from our transmission and transport solutions during 2005. Ericsson is the undisputed market leader in microwave transmission and has historically delivered more than 900,000 MINI-LINK all around the world. The Czech Republic has the largest penetration of MINI-LINK per inhabitants in the world.