Mobile networks go broadcast with Ericsson

Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERICY) has successfully trialed mobile broadcast technology for distribution of multimedia services, such as mobile TV, over 3G networks. The trial, performed in Stockholm, Sweden, was the first live use of Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (MBMS).
Press release
Apr 05, 2006 07:00 (GMT +00:00)
The introduction of MBMS to the mobile networks will further enhance possibilities for mobile operators, allowing them to meet the future demands of mobile TV users during peak live TV broadcasts, such as of sporting events, news and music contest finals.

MBMS allows different forms of content to be broadcast in different areas of the mobile network and stimulates the development of new mobile mass-media services.

As a complement to the unicast solution in mobile networks, MBMS makes more efficient use of network resources and capacity through point-to-multi-point connection, which allows an unlimited number of users to watch the same mobile TV program at the same time in the same area.

Håkan Eriksson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, R&D, and Ericsson CTO, says: "As mobile broadcast technology evolves, we are seeing growing interest among operators to utilize their existing mobile networks for their multimedia services. Transferring media over telecom networks brings new opportunities for operators, content providers and end-users." 

Mobile TV over mobile networks allows and encourages interactivity, with viewers able to interact with mobile TV shows by voting or greeting via SMS or MMS. These services offer users a richer TV experience and give both TV networks and operators opportunities to increase their revenues with content fees and advertising, and by appealing to a wider audience.

MBMS also supports the delivery of multimedia emergency alert information, a valuable complement to existing emergency alert systems. It enables notification of users in disaster areas with transmission of detailed information about what to do and where to go, including evacuation maps.

MBMS will be commercially available in the second half of 2007 and will be a software upgrade on existing HSDPA networks. Mobile devices supporting MBMS technology will be available by the end of 2007.

MBMS is part of the WCDMA evolution standardized by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).
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