Ericsson launches Network IQ: a one-stop network control solution

Press release
May 22, 2007 11:45 (GMT +00:00)
Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) today announced the launch of Network IQ, a technology independent platform that allows operators to use a single solution to control all their network systems.
Network IQ supports streamlined workflows and subsequent cost reductions for operators that run their network over a large number of systems. The solution enables cross-technology and multivendor-performance reporting to help operators troubleshoot and validate new services as they are introduced into the network.

The launch follows Ericsson's 2006 acquisition of Finnish software developer Distocraft and is a milestone in the expansion of Ericsson's Operations Support Systems (OSS) portfolio.

The solution supports a number of functions, such as monitoring and reporting, network performance and configuration history. Network IQ easily accesses data through network business intelligence and also has automated analysis with an alarm module.

Network IQ scales to small and large networks, ensuring that capital expenditure on performance management solutions matches each operator's unique situation.

John Montgomery, head of Ericsson product line OSS, says: "Network IQ provides operators with a user-friendly, holistic solution for their complex multivendor and cross-technology networks. It has proven itself best-in-class in loading, storing and accessing large data volumes produced by mobile telephone networks.

"Its scalability allows operators to invest as they grow, providing a future-proof investment in effectively managing their networks."

Ericsson Network IQ resides on dedicated server hardware so it manages several OSS domains within the one solution. This server is connected to data sources, disk arrays and to one or more web servers. Users can access the system through a browser interface from their Network IQ Web Portal.

The modular Network IQ technology package manages the storage and deployment of data from virtually all types of data sources.

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