Ericsson and Telecom Italia trial innovative solar site solution

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Jul 09, 2009 09:58 (GMT +00:00)
With this trial, Ericsson and Telecom Italia are at the forefront of solar-powered site development, proving that alternative energy sources represent a viable business case for both emerging and developed markets. The Eco-Smart solution, based on flexible solar panels, can generate up to 100 percent of the energy required to power a site in the same land space as a traditional site.

Environmental issues are high on Ericsson's agenda and this trial aims to prove that solar solutions represent a sustainable business case for operators in developed countries. As energy costs can account for up to 50 percent of a site's operating expenses, the Eco-Smart solution can help operators make significant cost savings while reducing CO2 emissions.
The trial is being carried out in the Italian city of L'Aquila, where G8 leaders are meeting this week to discuss, among other topics, the challenges posed by climate change ahead of December's United Nations conference on climate in Copenhagen.
Stefano Pileri, Head of Technology & Operations at Telecom Italia, says: "With this trial Telecom Italia reaffirms its commitment to technological innovation that will benefit the whole country, as well as to cost-cutting solutions. Using Eco-Smart also confirms our concern for environmental sustainability, one of the main drivers of our development policies."
Cesare Avenia, President of Ericsson Italy says that Ericsson is at the forefront of energy-efficient solutions development. "The Eco-Smart represents everything telecommunications and Ericsson stand for - using innovative solutions to improve lives. The solution also confirms Ericsson's leading position as an integrator, as it can be used with any technology, 2G, 3G or LTE, and in multi-vendor environments."
The result of an agreement signed between Ericsson and Telecom Italia in 2008 to jointly develop sustainable solutions, the Eco-Smart confirms both companies' commitment to a more innovative and eco-sustainable society.
The Eco-Smart solution features an elliptical support structure coated with flexible solar panels wrapping up the antenna.
The innovative structure, completely designed in Italy, can be easily adapted to all radio base stations shapes and provide operators with significant advantages in terms of operational expenses with an expectation of medium-term amortization, with a very low environmental impact.

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