Ericsson introduces Expert Analytics

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Jun 02, 2014 13:30 (GMT +00:00)
  • Real time, big data analytics platform leverages Ericsson OSS/BSS and network expertise to yield actionable insights
  • Horizontal architecture draws from diverse, multivendor data sources and supports wide variety of use cases valued by marketing, customer care, operations and network
  • Supports closed-loop action, so that insights drive decision-support and automated action, making big data part of routine operations rather than offline analysis

Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) today announced Ericsson Expert Analytics, a powerful, real time, big data analytics platform that enables operators to derive actionable insights from big data and to turn those insights into appropriate actions in real time.  Expert Analytics is a fully configurable, horizontal platform that can support a wide variety of use cases for marketing, customer care, operations and network, based on fresh data from network nodes, OSS/BSS, probes, terminals, social media and others sources.

Going beyond big data analytics tools themselves, Ericsson has applied its deep network expertise to configure the platform to support a growing list of applications, including customer experience management.  For instance, by correlating carefully selected network events with probe data and other metrics, Expert Analytics can identify both symptoms and probable causes of customer experience issues for all individual customers.  The platform then exposes these insights to applications such as Ericsson Customer Experience Assurance, which in turn allows customer care to shorten call durations and improve first call resolution, and also enables service operations centers to become more proactive and reduce mean time to repair.  Additional Ericsson and third-party applications will support other use cases, such as experience-based marketing, which enriches customer profiles with recent behavior and experience data, leading to superior targeting of marketing offers to individual customers.

This emphasis on closed loop action means that big data can actually drive improvement in daily operations, thus bringing analytics out of the lab into real business processes.

Elisabetta Romano, Vice President and Head of OSS and Service Enablement, Business Unit Support Solutions, Ericsson, says:  "Operators that deploy Ericsson Expert Analytics gain the power and flexibility they need to address current and future agility challenges. Now, operators can delight customers and optimize operational efficiencies while raising big data and analytics to a new level that generates business value and customer intimacy."

Expert Analytics gathers, normalizes and aggregates vast amounts of network data and data from operations, customer and business systems. This enables operators to move away from batch data processing silos and take advantage of real-time, automated analytics and actionable insights that generate value and improve subscriber experiences. Data is gathered at the individual customer and session level in order to provide the high levels of service demanded by today's consumers and enterprises.

Ericsson Expert Analytics is based on best-in-class components, supports multi-vendor environments, and handles high-volume, low-latency data collection and stream processing. It can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or can be integrated into existing operator environments.  Expert Analytics also complements the embedded analytics functions of other Ericsson OSS/BSS, including the powerful network optimization capabilities of Ericsson Network Manager, which can also be a data source for Expert Analytics.  Combined with Ericsson consulting and system integration services, Expert Analytics is a key part of an overall analytics strategy that unlocks the value of big data to drive business improvement.

To meet consumer demand, operators need to keep improving the customer experience, capture new revenues and drive business efficiencies. Ericsson is enabling operators to become agile with a comprehensive, unified OSS/BSS software suite as well as world-class consulting, systems integration and managed services capabilities.


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