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AT&T and Ericsson demonstrate world’s first network slice with lifecycle management based on ONAP

  • AT&T and Ericsson collaborate to develop end-to-end network slice with lifecycle management based on ONAP
  • Network slices with ONAP-based lifecycle management able to be created with a single click
Mar 26, 2019
network slicing

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) has collaborated with AT&T to deploy the world’s first lifecycle management based on ONAP software for network slices at various enterprise locations. The physical radio and virtualized core network elements were configured, and the virtual network elements orchestrated, in an automated manner to be part of the targeted network slices.

One of the key accomplishments of this demonstration was to ensure the robustness of both the infrastructure and ONAP elements while demonstrating network slices at the same time. In addition, existing network components such as the radio base station and a Mobility Management Entity (MME) were modeled to define a new service that represented the network slice.

As opposed to manual workflows, network slices can now be created using a single click that executes a multi-tiered workflow in an automated manner. The lessons learned from this exercise will be contributed back to the ONAP community.

Hank Kafka, Vice President of Access Architecture and Standards, AT&T says, “Developing and consuming open source software is one of the key tenets of AT&T’s network strategy. We’re excited to collaborate with Ericsson and other ONAP members in order to advance ONAP-based software platforms and enable other carriers to use it to demonstrate and manage network slices.”

AT&T and Ericsson are fully committed to advance the evolution of ONAP as a key viable open source automation platform through active collaboration with rest of the industry.

Mats Karlsson, Vice President and Head of Solution Area OSS,  Ericsson says, “ONAP provides key components for Ericsson’s end-to-end OSS portfolio that optimizes the total cost of ownership for our customers. Ericsson will continue to work with AT&T and rest of the industry to innovate with ONAP and advance carrier-grade ONAP elements.” 

At a recent meeting for the ONAP Casablanca release, Ericsson successfully demonstrated a new Performance Management (PM) Mapper function to convert 3GPP based PM XML files to ONAP specified VNF Event Streaming PM events. Ericsson is one of the top ten contributors to ONAP and will continue to play a significant role in projects such as network slicing, bulk PM features and PNF onboarding.

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