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The Voice of the Customer - ConsumberLab

About Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab

Unbiased consumer insights since 1995

We listen to consumers

We give them a voice by transforming their needs, views and life challenges into insights that influence Ericsson’s and our customers’ strategy, products and marketing.

Ultimately, our products and solutions become part of consumers’ everyday lives. So, it’s essential to listen closely to what consumers have to say. That’s why we have representatives working in all parts of the world where Ericsson has a presence.

Our team has competencies in social science, anthropology and statistical modeling. We work with multiple research methodologies. By being clear and always staying true to our mission to be the voice of the consumer, we are able to offer comprehensive insights and convey a solid picture of the global consumer landscape. We study consumers everyday life and opinions to be able to predict future needs and behaviors.

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Studying consumers since 1995

People are important to us – so much so that we have been studying consumers since 1995, across 80 countries. We analyze urban conditions, cultures and living conditions. And we look at consumers young and old, in differentstages of their lives. The result is our extensive knowledge of consumers’ individual experiences, and an incomparable database about consumers. We also have capabilities to track time series data from 2002 onward for many of these countries.

As a part of Ericsson, and through our daily interactions with customers, we have gained a thorough understanding of how to link consumer insights to the ICT market, to technology and business models, and to product management, marketing and strategy. We understand consumers’ drivers and barriers to new products and services, and leverage them to build powerful insights.

A scientific basis

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Our insights come from a global research program. Every year, we interview 100,000 people in more than 40 countries, who statistically represent the views of 1.1 billion people. Ericsson ConsumerLab gathers knowledge in different ways. We spend hundreds of hours in in-depth interviews and focus groups with consumers from different cultures. We cooperate with external research institutes to secure unbiased input. Our research covers general market and consumer trends as well as deep insights into specific areas.

We offer insights on consumer behavior by analyzing data from social media. Channels like Twitter, Facebook, forums and blogs help us understand consumer sentiments about specific topic or events. We also augment data obtained from the field with on-device metering data to capture reach and time spent on mobile apps and actual usage of data on cellular and Wi-Fi networks. We see the big picture, understand where the individual fits in, and know what this means for future trends and services.

Sharing our insights

Ericsson ConsumerLab turns facts into valuable knowledge. We analyze data to create consumer insights and thoughtprovoking ideas in different technology areas, consumer trends, segmentation and branding. We have the tools and methods to tailor these offerings to a given customer’s needs, and together we analyze the impact of our findings.

We look at a question from every angle. This provides value for decision makers, both within Ericsson and among our customers. We offer unique and inspiring workshops where we let participants discuss the business implications of consumer trends and when they will take off.

The insights we offer are based on a solid and unique knowledge base of consumer needs and behaviors. Our experience, combined with our objective and scientific approach, enable us to be the true voice of the consumer.

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Ericsson ConsumerLab – The Voice of the Consumer

Ericsson ConsumerLab has more than 20 years’ experience of studying people’s behaviors and values, including the way they act and think about ICT products and services. Ericsson ConsumerLab provides unique insights on market and consumer trends.

Ericsson ConsumerLab gains its knowledge through a global consumer research program based on interviews with 100,000 individuals each year, in more than 40 countries – statistically representing the views of 1.1 billion people.

Both quantitative and qualitative methods are used, and hundreds of hours are spent with consumers from different cultures. To be close to the market and consumers, Ericsson ConsumerLab has representatives throughout Ericsson’s global presence, developing an international understanding of the ICT market and business models.

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