Networked society insights

Anything is possible

Around the world, people are gaining the power to create new communities, engage across boundaries, make the world more inclusive, and change the way we do business. Transformation is happening everywhere and in every culture, country, and industry. Join us to explore how your world is changing.

The future of journalism in a networked society

From robot journalists to immersive VR news stories, the media sector is transforming. Find out more about the future of journalism and the role that technology will play.

Industry Transformation

Digital transformation disrupts business landscapes. Understand the changes that can help you create new business value, and learn how to convert risks to opportunities in the age of connectivity.

The new consumers

As the world has evolved from the age of industrialization to a networked society, the nature of consumption has also changed.

The social business era

Learn more through the new Social Business Study which captures interesting findings from field research in Nairobi, Kenya and Medellin, Colombia.

Working life

Working life is changing for millions of people around the world. Mobile and digital technologies are expanding into more areas of society, business, and private life. They are changing the way businesses are organized, as well as how we work, collaborate, and share.

Future of learning

Education systems face huge challenges, but technology can empower both the way we teach and the way we learn. Educational technology, connected learning and the rise of a networked society are transforming the notion of the classroom and the nature of knowledge itself.

ICT is transforming every industry

ICT is transforming every industry

It’s not just about how the media industry is being transformed anymore; every industry, from food and agriculture to retail and utilities is being changed by ICT. Dr. Catherine Mulligan, research follow from Imperial College London, talks about how ICT is changing everything.