Intelligent security management

Providing automated security management for telecom networks and IoT

Security Management

We know that cyber security management is a challenge already today and the challenges will increase when networks become more dynamic with virtualization, 5G and IoT. With such big changes comes greater risk for attacks. Systems are becoming more exposed, with new threats appearing from every angle.

It’s time for a new approach

For service providers, concerns include the risks associated with decentralization, virtualization and critical infrastructure, as well as increases in fraud.

To minimize the impact of these risks, organizations need to shift how they manage security. Moving from a manual, reactive approach to one that is automated, policy-based and intelligent. There is a need for a  solution that constantly monitors security compliance, detects and responds to new threats, supporting cost-efficient security operations.

The Ericsson approach to intelligent security management

Our approach? Automated, security management that safeguards the products and services our customers need to be successful in the face of tomorrow's security challenges. Our unique solution, Ericsson Security Manager, helps our customers to know:

  • What is going on in their systems
  • How important it is
  • Where they should focus their resources

Ericsson Security Manager

  • Security policy automation for security compliance and visibility
  • Security analytics for timely detection and response to security threats
  • Security risk intelligence for strong security posture
Security Manager solution


Ericsson: powering up security

Network security has been integral to Ericsson’s technology leadership throughout the history of the company. In every generation of mobile communications, Ericsson has developed and delivered safe and secure networks for customers around the world. With 5G and IoT driving network evolution to new levels - into industries and critical infrastructure with new business models - security is again in the spotlight. Once again Ericsson has the answer.

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Swisscom selects Ericsson Security Manager

Swisscom has chosen to partner with Ericsson for their Security Operation Center, where Ericsson Security Manager will bring increased security automation, visibility and control.

Hear Swisscom share their view on security automation at MWC 2019.

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