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The November 2016 edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report continues to forecast IoT connections, presenting our findings on a time-to-content study for popular websites, the increased use of live video streaming, as well as a special focus on IoT and its transformational potential. 

In this edition five regional reports are published.

The number of mobile subscriptions now exceeds the world’s population. Find out more about global mobile penetration.

Operators are seeking new ways to gain value from IoT beyond connectivity – learn about innovations being explored for connected cars.

5G will be the biggest step forward in mobile broadband history. Find out about 5G mobile networks.

Key figures

Key figures

A summary of mobile subscription and traffic essentials, mobile traffic growth forecast, and data traffic per smartphone.

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Create your own graphs, tables and data using our Traffic Exploration tool that contains data from the Ericsson Mobility Report.

Data and forecasts

Mobile subscriptions Q3 2016

Mobile subscriptions and penetration Q3 2016

Subscriptions for smartphones now account for 55 percent of all mobile subscriptions.

Mobile subscriptions by technology

The future of mobile subscriptions

Mobile broadband will account for 90 percent of all subscriptions by the end of 2022.

Mobile broadband subscriptions by region

Future of mobile technology usage by region

In 2022, 25 percent of subscriptions in North America and 10 percent in Asia Pacific will be for 5G.

VoLTE subscriptions by region

Future of mobile technology: Voice over LTE

VoLTE uptake is projected to reach 3.3 billion by the end of 2022.

Mobile traffic Q3 2016

Mobile traffic statistics Q3 2016

Data traffic grew 50 percent between Q3 2015 and Q3 2016.

Data traffic per smartphone, GB per month

Future mobile data usage and traffic growth

By the end of 2022, more than 90 percent of mobile data traffic will come from smartphones.

Mobile traffic by application category per month

Mobile technology trends: traffic by application category

Video will account for around 75 percent of all data traffic by 2022.

State of the networks

State and future of the mobile networks

The introduction of 5G will accelerate transformation in many vertical industries.

Man looking at his phone

Uplink speed and slow time-to-content

A limited uplink can be a critical factor in causing slow time-to-content on many popular websites, which then has a significant impact on both subscriber loyalty and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

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Woman using tablet

Latest social media trend: live streaming

Browser-centric or social-centric smartphone users find live streaming interesting and intend to use it going forwards, which is set to put new demands on network performance.

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IoT - enabling digital business transformation

IoT presents new opportunities for mobile operators to leverage their core assets and move up the value chain. Telia Company and Telenor Connexion are examples of operators that are already adding IoT value beyond connectivity:

Digital transformation and the connected car

Analyzing IoT device performance

Massive IoT in the City

IoT forecast