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Optimize the user experience E2E

Evolving user expectations along with a fast-moving app ecosystem makes getting a true picture of the users’ experience a challenge. It is crucial to measure and manage the user experience to improve top line as well as network operations.

Product launches

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App experience optimization

Operators optimize their networks for data, which long ago surpassed voice traffic. But the new reality is not just data, it's apps. In this environment, your network performance KPIs need to capture your customers' in-app experience. So do they?

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Experience centric managed services

Experience centric managed services is an innovative service solution that addresses the disconnect between network performance and customer experience and the consumer's perception of service performance.

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High load in 10% of the cells in a metropolitan area can affect 50% of the user activity over the course of 24 hours.”

Ericsson Mobility Report


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Ericsson Engineering Dashboard

Ericsson Engineering Dashboard is our cloud-based solution offered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) format to help you win the app experience challenge.

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Optimizing the app experience

Our App Experience Optimization service correlates Network KPIs and Service KPIs to identify performance issues in the network and optimize where it matters most for the end user.

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XL Axiata, Indonesia: A textbook case of improved customer experience

We partnered with XL Axiata to improve their network performance by focusing on the customers’ app experience. Our innovative approach resulted in network quality KPIs improvement by 50 percent and best of all, happy customers.

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Trends and insights

With about 40% of the world’s mobile traffic carried through networks delivered by Ericsson, we have a unique perspective on the business and network transformation driven by mobility.

Enhancing Facebook app experience

Enhancing Facebook app experience

A collaborative project between Ericsson, Facebook and dtac – one of the leading mobile operators in Thailand – has resulted in a 60 percent improvement in Facebook upload and download time in dtac’s network. This optimized user experience was achieved by applying a joint Ericsson-Facebook methodology to correlate user experience with network performance.

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Ensuring a top digital experience at events

An important member of our Network Design & Optimization team, Remo Agostino is one of the many people dedicated to ensuring the digital experience of attendees at events is of the highest quality.