How ICT is changing the classroom

    2012-10-23 Categories: Reports

    We are on the brink of a fundamental shift in society. Students and progressive teachers, empowered by technology, are turning established teaching models on their heads, while new skills and educational platforms are redefining our systems and institutions.

    ICT is significantly impacting how schools are organized and run. An Ericsson Networked Society report shows that introducing ICT in schools affects six principal areas including both physical space and behavioral aspects.

    Mikael Eriksson Björling, Expert on Consumer Behavior at ConsumerLab, says: “Learning and education are in a time of transformation. Our research shows that students and progressive teachers, empowered by technology, are the catalysts to fundamental change. ICT is literally breaking down the walls of the classroom, and we have to start looking upon learning as something that takes place everywhere, all the time. Going toward the Networked Society, ICT will be increasingly important to lifelong learning.”

    In conjunction with the report, Ericsson has also released a thought-provoking documentary titled “The Future of Learning”.

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