Tech Talk: 5G

Categories: Industry Technology


In this Tech Talk, Erik Dahlman, Senior Expert in Radio Access Technologies within Ericsson Research talks about 5G or fifth-generation radio access, what it is and what we believe it will bring us.

We see 5G as an enabler for the fully connected networked society. It is an enabler for a future world with unlimited access to information and sharing of data anywhere and anytime to anyone and anything. Thus, the networked society is not only about mobile telephony and mobile broadband it is about wireless connectivity for any kind of application. It is not only about connectivity for people. It is about connectivity for any kind of device. The connectivity will be available truly anywhere and anytime.

About Erik Dahlman

Erik Dahlman received the Master of Science degree and Doctor degree from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm in 1987 and 1992 respectively. He is currently Senior Expert in Radio Access Technologies within Ericsson Research.

Erik Dahlman was deeply involved in the development and standardization of 3G radio access technologies (WCDMA and HSPA), first in Japan and later within the global 3GPP standardization body. Later on, he became involved in the standardization/development of the 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) and its continued evolution. He is currently part of the Ericsson Research management team working focusing on future radio-access technologies.