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5G Talks

Ericsson 5G Talks

Our series for tech leaders exploring the biggest topics in 5G

Introducing 5G Talks

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5G Talks explores the biggest topics surrounding 5G today and how the leading Telco operators are implementing the latest innovations to stay ahead of the competition. Featuring interviews with Telco professionals who share their strategies and experiences of implementing the technology across their networks, to Ericsson experts helping you understand the key principles and benefits of the technology itself.

Episode 4

Differentiate your customer experience with 5G

In this episode we explore why and how Telcos are on a quest to differentiate through new personalized 5G customer experiences:

  • Discover Singtel's world-first test-case of a formula one mobile customer experience and its commercial opportunities.
  • Learn from 5G Trailblazer Magnus Bjorkman how gamification in sports can convert loyal fans into subscribers.
  • Gain insights from the CMO of Orange Europe on piloting new propositions.

Watch episode 4 now.

Guest speakers:

  • Jean-Marie Culpin, CMO Orange Europe
  • Magnus Bjorkman, CEO of Tension and Co-founder of Onsite Sport
  • Terence Lai, VP Consumer Products and Partnership, Singtel
  • Hans Hammar, Head of Networks Business Strategy, Ericsson
  • Patrik Cerwall, Head of Strategic Marketing Insights, Ericsson

Episode 3

Stay ahead of the curve with energy-efficient networks​

In this episode we discuss how it’s possible to balance rising energy costs and environmental concerns with greater network efficiencies.​

  • You’ll hear how Vodafone UK is modernizing their existing network to reduce energy consumption.​​
  • Deutsche Telekom discuss sustainable network evolution and how they built a renewable energy powered site in Dittenheim, Germany​.​​
  • Ericsson experts discuss what the energy curve is, why it matters, what it is showing us and ways to tackle it.​​

Watch episode 3 now.​

Guest speakers:​

  • Andrea Donà, Chief Network Officer, Vodafone UK​
  • Leif Heitzer Senior Vice President of Center for Technology Competence, Deutsche Telekom​
  • Noelia Lopez, Sustainability and AI Marketing Driver, Ericsson​
  • Evangelia Tzifa, Head of Networks & Managed Services UKI, Ericsson​

Episode 2

Get a slice of the opportunity

In Episode 2 we explore the enormous opportunity that 5G presents with network slicing technology – and how it could allow Telcos to truly transform the lives and businesses of their customers. Our host Angela Lamont chats with experts from Singtel, Telefónica, Google and Ericsson to discuss:

  • How they are using 5G and network slicing today
  • New revenue streams they are exploring with partners
  • Network slicing from the device and software perspective

Watch episode 2 now.

Guest speakers:

  • Yeow Lian​ - Managing Director Networks,  Singtel
  • Alexandre Harmand​ - Head of Network Platforms in CTIO, Telefónica​
  • Stella Loh​ - Senior Product Manager, Android 5G, Google
  • Hans Hammar - Head of Radio Networks in Europe and Latin America, Ericsson
  • Philip Brimblecombe - Head of Digital Services Strategic Programs Europe & Latin America, Ericsson

Episode 1

How Standalone unlocks the true value of 5G

In the first episode of 5G Talks, we discuss how you can transform your network and unlock new  opportunities with 5G Standalone. Featuring an exclusive interview with T-Mobile  about the competitive benefits they gained by launching 5G Standalone in the US. Plus, an in-depth discussion on the key principles you’ll need to consider when building your own Standalone network including how Dynamic Slice Selection enables new revenue streams for your business.

Watch episode 1 now and join the discussion.

Hosted by:

Angela Lamond,  Host and presenter

Guest speakers:

  • Mark McDiarmid - SVP Radio Network Engineering and Development, T-Mobile US
  • Hans Hammar - Head of Radio Networks in Europe and Latin America, Ericsson
  • Christian Jansson - 5G Business Development in Europe and Latin America, Ericsson
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