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Frequently asked questions about MY5G Ericsson Malaysia Pioneers Program.

1. I can’t seem to log in. What could be wrong?

You might have keyed in the wrong password, and the system has locked you out. Please click on reset in the “Forgotten password? Reset” line when you click on “sign in”.

If this doesn’t work, please send an email to us with your concern.

2. Can I take the modules at any time? What if I stop and restart?

Yes, you can take the modules at any time, stop and restart the module/s. However, please check with your university if they have prescribed a period for you to take and complete the modules during specific semester/s.

3. Can I do the assessments at any time?

Yes, as long as you have a valid username and password

4. Is there any cost to the university or students to participate in this program?

No, there is no cost involved for the university or for students to participate in this program. The digital badges that the students can earn once they have completed this program are also provided free of charge.

5. What is the objective of this program?

The program aims to raise the digital skills, knowledge, and awareness of emerging technologies for every student in Malaysia, including all non-technical students. In this way, the program will help increase students’ readiness for careers in a digitally-driven economy.

6. What will the students get from participating in this program?

After successfully completing all three modules and passing their assessments, the students will get a digital badge that they can append to their CV, LinkedIn and social media profiles.

7. When and how do I get my digital badge?

You will receive the badge once you have completed and passed the assessment for all three (3) modules, and the badge will be sent to the email address you have used to register to the program.

8. Is there a validity or expiry date for the digital badge?

Please note that the Ericsson Digital Badge is not an official accreditation or certification. The Digital Badge signifies that you have completed the course, and is something that you can share on your CV, as well as on social media.

9. Is the program open to students and/or lecturers?

The program is designed for students and is also open for lecturers.

10. Is the program limited to IT/ technical students only?

The program is open to students from all backgrounds, either technical or non-technical, and is suitable for students at the foundation, matriculation, undergraduate, and post-graduate levels.

11. Can first-year students take the modules?

Yes, the modules are suitable for students in all year levels, including those in foundation year.

12. Are there any minimum requirements or subject prerequisites for the students to participate?

There is no minimum requirement or prerequisites to participate in this program

13. Is this course taken on a voluntary basis only?


14. How is the course delivered to the students?

This is a self-learning, self-paced course. Students can access the material and do their assessments any time that they wish.

15. Is there any specific programming language needed to be used for this program?

No, there are no programming skills that will be taught as part of this program.

16. Is this a stand-alone course?


17. How many modules are included?

There are 3 modules included:

  • Module 01 – Fundamentals
  • Module 02 – 5G Enabled Digital Services, Data,
  • Module 03–Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality, Cloud, Blockchain & Cybersecurity

18. How many hours of study are required per module?

Each module requires 14 hours of study, or a total of 42 hours for the whole program

19. How are the modules structured?

Each module contains several chapters which detail information on the topics listed above. Corresponding assessments are included in the respective chapters and guidance on the practical assignment for competing the module is provided throughout the duration on the entire course.

20. What is the passing score for the assessment?

To successfully complete Module 1 (currently available) you will need to answer a number of 30 assessment questions, distributed among the module chapters, with an overall minimum pass score of 60%. The course setup allows for three (3) attempts to complete the assessment. If you don't manage to pass after three attempts, we recommend that you review again the course material and restart the assessment from the main course window.

21. What is the difference between assessment and assignment?

Assessment questions are included in the corresponding chapter and are meant to test the knowledge acquired on the respective topics. The design assignment for Module 1 is to create a hypothetical and theoretical AI-based digital service solution. The design assignment will not be included in the course, you will instead need to create a video of your solution which you can share online, using the hashtag #MY5GEricssonMalaysiaPioneers. More details on the assignment are presented throughout the course.

22. How do I navigate within the modules?

To access each chapter in a module, click on the corresponding Start link button. You can navigate freely among the chapters, but we recommend that you take them in the order laid out in the platform to follow the learning and assignment flow in the course design. If you need to revisit any of the chapters, you can do so at any time.

23. How do I navigate within the chapters?

Chapters include learning content, structured in lessons and, where applicable, a corresponding assessment. You can navigate freely among the lessons and come back to specific places in the course whenever needed. only locked content in the chapters is the page titled End of assessment, which will be unlocked upon successfully completing the assessment. Make sure to navigate to this page for the assessment and chapter completion to be registered in the platform database.

24. How will I know that I completed the module?

Completion data is captured in the platform database and will be visible under my Progress tab, a functionality still under development for this program. Within a chapter, completed lessons will be indicated as such in the left side menu (the circle indicating progress will gradually fill); for this purpose, make sure to click on the Page completed- Continue button after each lesson. To make sure that completion is correctly registered, we recommend that you take each chapter in one session and make sure to navigate to the End of assessment page once you successfully complete the assessment questions, by clicking Continue from the assessment results page.

Please send an email to with the following details: your full name, email log on address, a description of the issue/s and a print screen, if available.