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Passive antenna in test facility

North American antenna R&D center

Local collaboration for global innovation

Step into the heart of antenna innovation at our North American antenna R&D center: Where local expertise meets world-leading technology. The focus is to design, maintain and introduce game-changing antenna solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers in North America. Join our team of local experts, thought leaders and innovators as we reimagine the future of modern communication networks.

Ericsson US R&D center in Plano from main entry view

Antenna development center in North America

Our center was established in 2016 as an Ericsson Antenna System innovation hub. Since then, it has become a key enabler of our promise to develop antenna solutions that are more performant, energy-efficient, compact and resistant to performance degradation.

Collaborating with our R&D center in Germany, as well as antenna manufacturing sites in Mexico and Romania, the center is responsible for passive antenna design, antenna maintenance programs and the introduction of new solutions that drive our customers’ networks further beyond the industry standard.

Our R&D investment and presence in North America is also driven by Ericsson’s longstanding commitment to the continent, and deep understanding that proximity matters. Through local expertise, collaborations and strategic partnerships, the center ensures that our global strategies, antenna portfolio and product development ambitions are customized to meet the dynamic demands of our North American customers.

Driving the future of connectivity and innovation

The center is mainly responsible for passive antenna design, antenna maintenance programs and the introduction of cutting-edge new products. It has also become a key resource in supporting both passive and active antenna testing and analysis within the North American market. In addition, our local antenna competence and resources are extended to stakeholders beyond Ericsson Antenna Systems, ensuring seamless collaboration within agreed frameworks.

State-of-the-art test chambers

Nearfield test chamber with mounted antenna to be tested

Nearfield chambers

Nearfield Chambers, including a new MVG Nearfield Range and legacy NSI system.

PIM test chamber with antenna on table

Passive Intermodulation (PIM) chambers

Passive Intermodulation (PIM) chambers, including an R&D NTC1.0 PIM Chamber, PIM finder and external PIM chamber.

Passive antennas in test environment

S-Parameter tuning tunnels

Three S-Parameter tuning tunnels dedicated to R&D activities, as well as a verification test setup with PXI system, and a phase probe station.

Multi functional spherical nearfield chamber with installed antenna

MVG Spherical Nearfield (SNF) chamber

Our test chamber more than double our antenna development output and solidify our position as a design powerhouse, thanks to reduced test times and elimiated probe changes and connectors swaps. 

Contact us

North American antenna R&D Center

US Headquarters, Plano

6300 Legacy Drive
Plano, TX 75024
Phone: +1 972 583 0000 (General Inquiry)
Phone: +1 866 374 2272 (HR Inquiry)

U.S. Inside Sales email:

Phone: +1 833 374 7253 (U.S. Inside Sales)

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