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High performing antenna site in rural environment

Boosting connectivity

Our portfolio of passive antennas and network solutions

Ensuring top performance on the gateway to efficient networks

Are you prepared to transform connectivity solutions with our wide array of passive antennas and cutting-edge network solutions? We excel in tackling the dynamic challenges encountered by mobile network operators, guaranteeing superior performance and optimal efficiency in all communication realms. From existing network technologies to the forefront of 5G and beyond, antennas serve as the essential gateway to high performance and energy-efficient networks.

In today's rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape, sustainability and energy efficiency have emerged as critical pillars driving industry progress. As the demand for connectivity continues to soar, so does the need for responsible resource management and environmental stewardship. The telecommunications sector plays a pivotal role in global connectivity, but its operations also contribute to significant energy consumption and environmental impact.

This leads to innovations that drive the development of future network components. Our focus is on pioneering passive antenna technologies, ensuring flexibility for continuous site upgrades, and implementing midband MIMO schemes. These innovations serve as the cornerstone of our approach:

Our antennas boast a revolutionary form factor, paving the way for reduced size and enhanced efficiency. By optimizing overall design and antenna form, we've achieved remarkable results in wind load reduction and form factor improvement. This empowers service providers with greater flexibility in configuring sites, ensuring seamless integration into diverse environments.

Harnessing insights from previous product endeavors and breakthroughs in interleaved design, our antennas feature a powerful column design. Through meticulous re-engineering of inner parts, we've achieved unparalleled low-band and mid-band optimization, setting new standards in gain, side lobe suppression, and pattern refinement.

In an era where mobile network competition demands flexibility and adaptability, our portfolio offers future-proof components to meet evolving needs. Alongside innovative passive solutions, our catalog includes the latest complementary components for the entire system, facilitating seamless site sharing and enhancing network performance.

At the heart of our ethos lies a commitment to sustainability. Our new multi-band antennas, including those installed on rural masts, feature low-loss radomes designed to create a more sustainable network infrastructure. From environmental adaptation to material optimization, we prioritize durability and eco-consciousness in every aspect of our products.

New generation of high-performing sustainable antennas for 5G

Three antennas built on latest structural innovation

Latest antenna innovation built on our new honeycomb structure

At the heart of our cutting-edge solutions lies our revolutionary antenna honeycomb structure. This proprietary design isn't just another advancement – it's a game-changer. Imagine a world where signal strength isn't compromised by challenging environments, where coverage remains steadfast, and network performance consistently exceeds expectations. That's the reality our antennas bring to life.

But we didn't stop there. Our commitment to pushing boundaries led us to develop next-generation, multi-band antennas that redefine industry standards. Built upon our honeycomb foundation, these antennas embody unparalleled reliability and scalability, setting a new benchmark for performance, sustainability, and cost efficiency.

What sets us apart is more than just technology; it's a philosophy. As we debut our latest innovations at MWC, we're not just introducing products – we're setting new standards:

Superior Performance

More Uplink Throughput: Experience enhanced uplink throughput for seamless connectivity. 

Less Interference: Benefit from up to 85% beam efficiency and better PIM (Passive Intermodulation) for clearer signals and reduced interference. 

Environmental responsibility

Reduced Embodied Carbon: With a remarkable reduction of 49% in embodied carbon, our antennas contribute to a greener future. 

100% Recyclable Radome: Embrace sustainability with our radomes that are fully recyclable, minimizing environmental footprint. 

Efficient Deployment

Precise Engineering: Our antennas are engineered with precision, resulting in a 24% reduction in weight for easier deployment and transportation. 

Wind-Load Improvement: Experience improved wind-load performance by approximately 20%, ensuring stability in various environmental conditions. 

Complete Antenna System and Radio System portfolio

Our high-performing solutions features over 300 products from our latest portfolio. Our selection comprises efficient and verified components that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your current and future mobile network. Whether you require stand-alone 5G antennas or complete active-passive solutions, you'll find them all in our product selection. Our solutions cater to diverse use-cases, from rural regions to urban areas.

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Delivering exceptional quality and performance by outstanding verification

Extreme low failure rates
Long lifetime
Consistent performance

At Ericsson Antenna System, we are dedicated to being the partner of choice for high-quality products and unmatched electrical performance in the telecommunications industry. Our commitment to excellence is showcased through our "state-of-the-art" Test Technology Center, where we develop, build, and deliver antennas with the utmost focus on quality. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on ensuring specific test and verification requirements for all regions on earth, thanks to our test facilities located in different regions (Europe / US). This global presence allows us to meet and exceed the diverse needs of our customers worldwide, reaffirming our position as a leader in antenna technology and innovation. 

Rigorous tests and verification process results in long-life, high-performance products with an ultra-low failure rate. 

Meticulous and extensive cycles of combined RF performance, mechanical and environmental tests are performed on materials, components & products. 

Our resilient antennas, resistant to all lifecycle influences, featuring PIM robust and cost-efficient designs for enhanced performance and reliability, ultimately reducing TCO.

Read more in our blog article "Test antenna deployments"

Further insights

Next generation high-performing, sustainable antennas

Antennas are a key part to this puzzle, and Ericsson Antenna System creates precise engineered antennas that serve as a gateway to higher performing, more energy efficient networks.

North American antenna R&D center

Step into the heart of antenna innovation at our North American antenna R&D center: Where local expertise meets world-leading technology. The focus is to design, maintain and introduce game-changing antenna solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers in North America.

Components for the best performing networks

Our latest catalog showcases the importance of antennas in promoting seamless communication. Discover a variety of solutions that will enhance your connectivity experience, including passive antennas, active-passive antennas, antenna line devices, and a full range of antenna system accessories.

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