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Ericsson in the United States

5G Made in the USA, for the USA

Ericsson is committed to strengthening US security and leadership in 5G and beyond though our investments, game-changing technologies and services. US wireless providers from the largest to the smallest have put their trust in Ericsson to meet their need for advanced, secure and high performance networks. Our longevity and position are testament to our partnership. Our solutions are deployed in all 50 states, helping to bridge the digital divide and providing critical infrastructure for consumers and businesses. Ericsson is also delivering private networks to enterprises and utilities and is fully engaged with the Department of Defense digital modernization program through 5G.

The USA is Ericsson’s largest global market. Since opening our first location in 1902, the company has grown to now over 30 locations including significant manufacturing, R&D and training locations. Recent investments of $7.3B in leading US companies strengthen our ties to the country.

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Ericsson commitment to the United States


In recent years, Ericsson has made significant investments in the US with two major acquisitions (Cradlepoint in 2020 and Vonage in 2022) totaling $7.3 Billion . These acquisitions increase our US presence and will spur new innovation in the wireless ecosystem. In addition, we built a new factory in Lewisville, TX, producing the first 5G radios in 2020. This US based factory brings radio production and supply chain close to US and Canadian customers.

U.S. employees
30 +
U.S. locations
US R&D locations: Santa Clara, CA; Los Gatos, CA, Austin, TX; Plano, TX; Hollywood, CA; Boise, ID


5G smart factory investment


employees in the USA 5G Smart Factory


training Center of Excellence in Lewisville, TX


strategic acquisitions strengthening US ties


Ericsson. 5G Made in the USA, for the USA

Ericsson’s 5G USA Smart factory is building the next generation of 5G infrastructure in Lewisville, TX - investing in the US to build resilient and secure supply chains; create US jobs; and ensure continued US 5G leadership with network technology made right here at home.

The factory opened in 2020 and has been shipping products across the country for since then. Products made in this factory are expected to be Build America Buy America (BABA) complaint and available today to support BEAD and similar program with 5G technology built in the USA.

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5G Made for US

Ericsson is the leading provider of 5G network equipment in the US. We are committed to bringing the benefits of secure and sustainable 5G networks to the US, boosting the economy and ensuring broadband access for all.

Our investment in the United States

Featured topics

Redefining the best network

The best network no longer means just fast and reliable. It’s time to redefine the ‘best network’ as high performing, energy efficient and sustainable.

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Connecting American enterprises to the 5G innovation platform

There is strong reason to believe that 2022 will be a pivotal time for American enterprises to take advantage of 5G opportunities as part of a horizontal business foundation. This paper explores the six opportunities companies can act on today to ensure their place among the 5G winners of tomorrow.

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Closing the American Digital Divide this decade

The digital divide has never been so apparent as during the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers transitioned to work from home, students were forced to learn from home, and patients and caregivers turned to telemedicine. This paper explores the challenges of bringing broadband to various areas, the technologies available and suggests the best routes for achieving the goal of broadband for everyone by 2030.

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Open RAN Explained: Openness, innovation and flexibility

Ericsson believes in the value of openness in mobile networks. We are an active participant in the O-RAN alliance to ensure a strong and secure foundation for the journey to full openness while developing products and solutions that will bring more supplier diversity into the hardware and software of radio access networks.

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5G prosperity made for US

5G for national prosperity

It is vital for the US to maintain the current pace of 5G infrastructure buildout as a foundation of economic growth. Access to mid-band spectrum, a streamlined permitting process for building 5G cell sites, and a trained workforce to build and maintain 5G networks will ensure the US continues to accelerate 5G deployment across the country.

5G smart factory

Ericsson’s smart factory in Lewisville, Texas is crucial to building the 5G economy, not only making components for America’s 5G networks on US soil, but serving as an example of how 5G is bringing efficiency and flexibility to factory floors.

5G security made for US

Keeping America Safe – Network Security is National Security

Safeguarding the U.S. starts in the very networks themselves. Ericsson agrees that network security is a key component of national security and is working closely with U.S. government agencies and industry groups to ensure that the latest generation of cellular networks are more secure than ever.

Future network security

The emergence of a more intelligent and connected network will present new attack vectors and threats. As the world becomes more digitalized, attention to privacy will become more relevant than ever. Learn more about Ericsson’s research into all aspects of network security, privacy and trustworthiness.

5G sustainability made for US

Redefining the best network

The best network no longer means just fast and reliable. It’s time to redefine the ‘best network’ as high performing, energy efficient and sustainable.

How to take climate action through technology

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector accounts for less than 2% of global CO2 emissions, however at Ericsson we believe it has the potential to enable solutions across a wide range of sectors and industry by creating efficiencies through digitalization.

5G access made for US

OhioTT brings affordable high-speed broadband to the underserved with a modern fixed wireless access solution

Learn how OhioTT partnered with Ericsson and Winncom Technologies to bring reliable, affordable high-speed broadband to unserved and underserved communities across Ohio by leveraging the breakthrough capabilities of Ericsson Antenna Integrated Radio technology.

Bridging the digital divide with extended-range millimeter-wave​

Providing the underserved with quality, reliable, and secure broadband access is a critical need in the US and globally. IEEE CQR convened leaders from government and industry in May 2021 for a virtual workshop which addressed technical and societal solutions. Learn more.

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