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Antenna efficiency boosts future network solutions

Pursuing Relentless Efficiency

Efficiency: A crucial attribute for modern antenna systems

Antennas play a critical part in modern communication networks. Efficient antenna systems not only enhance customer experience but also help in reducing energy consumption.

Improve antenna efficiency

Efficient antenna configuration on rural mast

A mobile radio network site is built and designed to provide radio connectivity to end users in a certain area​. Every component carrying energy has losses by interaction with its surrounding environment​. Those losses can be significant on a Radio site if the components are not carefully designed and selected​. Minimizing those losses is an important design criterion across Ericsson​.

The benefits of using efficient antennas

Reduced CAPEX & OPEX
Enhanced customer experience
Build sustainable networks
And what does this mean in detail?

Time to discover how the antenna efficiency creates operator and end customer satisfaction.

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Wind load reduction that pays

As one of the most important specifications for base station antennas, reducing wind load has the potential to decrease costs and create additional revenue, as well as make upgrading sites easier. That means predicting the effect of wind load on an installation as accurately as possible provides valuable insight.

Our state-of-the-art testing leaves nothing to chance and sets the standard for wind load. With market leading low wind load that will have a measurable impact on our customers’ TCO, the Ericsson Antenna System is the partner of choice for high quality products.

Read our technology paper for more insight on the accurate determination of wind loads, as well as details of how our antennas reduce wind load to minimize expenses for operators.

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Further insights

How antennas unchain a sustainable network

Achieving the sustainability strategy has become essential for operators. As antenna systems play an important role in a modern mobile communications network, we are setting benchmarks with our portfolio. Not only on the product line by reaching new levels of antenna efficiency. We are also sustainably transforming the entire supply chain process – all the way to the return of end-of-life products.

New level of antenna technology

With the requirements of today, we create the technology of tomorrow. Our latest product creates the smallest footprint ever and convinces with highest performance despite our novel sustainable efficiency. The right time to take a closer look at the details of next-generation technology.

5G sites - Antenna System

The Ericsson Antenna System is an integral part of the Ericsson Radio System and offers the best option for effective modernization of 5G site solutions with a full range of high-quality passive and active antenna products. Our solutions focus on performance optimization and cost reduction.

Ericsson Antenna System portfolio

The antenna system is one of the most crucial areas in a radio access network. Ericsson Antenna System is an integral part of Ericsson Radio System and provides a full range of high-quality products in the following areas: passive antennas, active antennas, filters and combiners, tower mounted amplifiers, feeder system, and accessories.

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