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Network engineer infront of a antenna site

Streamline your rollout

Elevate simplicity and safety with verified products and solutions

Simplified and safe maintenance of the antenna

In an age where seamless connectivity is essential, the need for passive antenna accessories is more critical than ever. These innovative components have revolutionized the way we approach the installation and maintenance of existing communications sites, making the process easier and more efficient, regardless of your location.

Support health and safety of field technicians and ensure product serviceability

Ericsson's antenna maintenance solutions ensure the protection and safety of all parties involved before, during and after the use of each product. Developed to exceed high standards, the solutions reduce the need for manual intervention. Safety information avialability, handling and durability are, as always, cornerstones of our product portfolio.

Provide the right way for fast and safe site maintenance

Flexible network configuration on ground

With our solutions and supporting accessories, it is possible to prepare the important network configuration of the components digitally and import it into the components in the system. This means that only the mechanical installation is necessary.

Smart bracket supports preparation

Installing antennas with appropriate mounting hardware can be so easy. The integrated lifting eyes offer a clear attachment point meticulously designed to support the weight effectively. The wrap-around design ensures a seamless fit around the pole. Securing the bracket requires only a single nut for a robust hold. Additionally, the hook-on brackets provide immediate fixation of antennas, enabling installers to maintain free hands for safe and efficient antenna installation.

Verified solutions for real environmental conditions

We offer optimized solutions that have been pre-tested and verified according to our own and set standards. This reduces the impact on your network infrastructure with our market-leading low wind load antennas. Our state-of-the-art testing procedures set the standard for antenna design and installation, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness for our customers. Lowered maintenance effort due to better durability impacts on your total cost of ownership (TCO) and boost the performance of your network today and simplify operation processes.

Becoming a standard

How a corporate guideline is increasingly becoming the industry standard: The Ericsson Target-Zero commitment sets the same goals for global network operators and their service providers - security for all employees.

Remote site survey

Whether you are in a bustling metropolis or the most remote corner of the world, passive antenna accessories provide a reliable solution for optimizing signal strength and network performance. With adaptable designs and easy-to-use features, they enable technicians and engineers to easily deploy and maintain antenna systems while meeting and exceeding industry standards and regulations.

As part of our solutions, ease of use and serviceability is an important part of how our ancillary components and accessories are designed. All with a focus on on-site safety and swap-out processes.

Solutions that matters

On-time maintenance

Compatible with all Ericsson passive antennas and boasting a range of mounting hardware categories, the Antenna Monitoring Unit (abbr. AMU) is the ultimate solution for antenna monitoring versatility. Whether you're in the heart of the city or the remote wilderness, the AMU has got you covered.

Sustainable construction supports changeable components

Our product range offers easily replaceable components that make maintenance quick and hassle-free. Benefit from the flexibility to swap out and optimize your antenna setup on the fly, without the need for extensive technical knowledge. A good example from our portfolio is the replaceable flexRET unit.

Best component verification experience

We're dedicated to top-tier component maintenance, starting with rigorous testing before production. Each phase is carefully inspected to meet the highest quality standards. Our commitment extends post-production with a thorough return process to address any defects or issues.

Keep's it updated

For network-specific optimization options directly at the site or from the control center, our available software solutions enable simple operation and easy configuration of the hardware - supported by the latest software versions.

Scan, Find, Install

Imagine having all the essential details at your fingertips during installation, maintenance, or troubleshooting. It's as easy as searching for your product type or, even better, scanning the QR code conveniently located on the type label right at the installation site. No more guesswork or digging through manuals – our assistant delivers precise information instantly, empowering you to tackle any task efficiently.

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