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Product Marketing Manager at Digital Services

Product Marketing Manager at Digital Services

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Edge computing provides execution resources (compute and storage) with connectivity (networking) at close proximity to the data sources, typically within or at the boundary of access networks. The core benefits of edge solutions are low latency, high bandwidth, and trusted computing and storage. 

Application developers from the manufacturing, gaming and automotive industries among others see great opportunities arising with the introduction of 5G and edge computing. Communication service providers have strategic assets spanning distributed points of presence, cloud infrastructure and connectivity, to participate and provide value in the edge computing ecosystem by building out edge clouds with support for both telecom and a vast number of new and exciting third-party applications.  

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João Monteiro Soares, Strategic Solution Manager for Distributed Cloud and Alan Evans, Senior Director of Innovation Strategy at Edge Gravity by Ericsson will be discussing where the industry is now regarding edge computing, what the early adopters are doing in terms of use cases and how communication service providers can get started in order to monetize their investments in 5G and NFVIJoão and Alan will also share what Ericsson’s capabilities are in edge computing and how we can support communication service providers in being successful. 

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