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User plane at the edge in Cape town

Embrace the 5G edge opportunity

Local Packet Gateway

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Edge user plane is a crucial part of 5G to realize many new consumer and enterprise services. To address the virtual and hybrid private 5G networks, the edge user plane should offer a small footprint and be easy to deploy and manage in large scale for fast time to service.

Edge opportunity with Local Packet Gateway

Watch video to get an overview of how Local Packet Gateway fits in the network.

5G enables a myriad of new use cases for edge. Connectivity is the foundation to address the edge opportunity, but edge deployments places demand on infrastructure and applications. The edge user plane plays a crucial role, enabling low latency as well as keeping enterprise data on premise. To be effective the user plane should offer a small footprint and be easy to deploy and manage in large scale for fast time to service. This is where the Ericsson Local Packet Gateway comes in.

Ericsson Local Packet Gateway is a powerful product, designed to help communication service providers (CSPs) address the edge opportunity in virtual and hybrid 5G private networks segments to support high data bandwidth and low latency use cases. It’s an all-in-one solution, based on the same application software as Ericsson Packet Core Gateway, including additional Gi-LAN services, pre-integrated appliance and lifecycle management optimized for the edge. In addition, it has a one server low footprint, and is simple to deploy and manage.

With Ericsson Local Packet Gateway, Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core is brought to the edge.

Benefits and values

Unlock 5G edge use cases with optimized dual-mode user plane footprint
Lower investment with pre-integrated all-in-one appliance solution
Secure fast time-to-service and minimal deployment effort with lifecycle management highly optimized for edge

Easy to deploy


Edge use case examples

Police car in Taiwan with local packet gate way solution

Smart patrol car solution

Far EasTone connects equipped cars to a regional site for each city for data processing without installing a system on every single car. Read press release

Sport events applications

Users to run an application to provide statistics, live score and action replay on demand.

Virtual reality gaming cases

Provide virtual reality gaming experience with low latency.

VR woman in fabric

Artificial reality for inspecting factory quality

Real-time streaming of HD video and measurements to enable remote maintenance.


Caroline Chappell

“CSPs want flexibility in deploying 5G private networks and delivering network slices and will therefore need a user plane solution that is fast and easy to install and manage on customer premises. Ericsson Local Packet Gateway, with its pre-integrated, appliance-based solution including in-built lifecycle management and a form factor optimized for the enterprise edge, will be familiar from a management perspective and help with time-to-service for new enterprise use cases.”

Caroline Chappell, Research Director at Analysys Mason


Shailin Sehgal, Executive, Product Enablement Technology, Telstra says:

“In the past it took a long time to deploy and scale new service constructs in our network. Now, with 5G’s service-based architecture combined with automation via network orchestration, we are able to work with our customers to imagine and deploy new differentiated services quickly and scale them economically. We have been working with Ericsson to bring these new innovations to our enterprise customers for several years and these latest World and Australian first capabilities are another example of this collaboration.”

Read press release

Far EasTone

Chee Ching, President of Far EasTone Telecommunications, says:

“As a leading communication service provider, Far EasTone Telecom actively seeks, through substantial R&D investment, to develop the most innovative technologies with which to best serve our customers. Our demonstration of the world’s first data call using Ericsson Local Packet Gateway shows a clear way towards creating 5G networks and services that meet our customers’ demands for low latency, increased efficiency, security, and flexibility. With Ericsson’s continuing support we will work with our customers to explore the full potential of this innovative and valuable new solution.”

Read press release


Laurent Leboucher, Orange group CTO & Senior Vice President Orange Innovation Networks  says:

“At Orange, we continue developing meaningful networks to adapt to the needs and uses all over the world. According to enterprise customers’ needs, a first option is to create a virtual private network on Orange’s public network. A second solution is to create a hybrid private network relying on shared equipment in the Orange network and dedicated equipment at the customer's site for critical flows and data. Ericsson’s 5G Core for standalone, including the Local Packet Gateway help us meet both these enterprise customers’ needs.” 

Read press release

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