Meet Hanna

Name: Hanna Snejder
Job title: Developer, network system and verification
Location: Linköping, Sweden

Hanna works within a team that focuses on software integration and verification. Her role is a combination of communication, coordination and code, which Hanna finds to be the perfect mixture of a technical role.

Work is done cross functional and among different sections and teams. “We believe that teamwork is key to a successful operation”, says Hanna. Her current assignment is legacy assurance which is done through regression tests. “We need to make sure that our newly released software is of the same good quality as in previous releases”, says Hanna.

Outside work, Hanna has been a part of Linköping’s Young Ambassadors for Ericsson as well as the Ericsson Tech Talent program.

“The biggest impact Ericsson has had on me, is all its great people”, says Hanna.


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