Turkcell, Turkey: Optimized traffic handling

Turkcell, Turkey

Turkcell, Turkey, requires transmission capacity expansion to provide increased voice and data services.

To enhance existing provision, as well as prepare for next generation data services, Turkcell, Turkey, turned to Ericsson for a proactive modernization of its transmission network and capacity expansion. As the market leading GSM operator in Turkey, Turkcell has almost 32 million subscribers across the country, which has a population in excess of 70 million. The operator has been growing by increasing the diversity and quality of its services and consequently the number of its subscribers.

Turkcell was the first GSM operator in Turkey and Ericsson has been a long-term partner. With a 12-year partnership and an almost 100 percent Ericsson network, many solutions have been supplied which have benefited the operator greatly. Among them, more than 10 000 MINI-LINK E connections have been installed. Due to the ongoing cooperation between Turkcell and Ericsson, this project has been achieved successfully.

Additional capacity is required to meet the expected continued growth in subscribers for voice and data services. During 2007, Turkish 3G licenses are expected to become available. The operator requires additional capacity to provide extra data services to existing subscribers ahead of the planned move to next generation services.

To meet the operator's need for capacity growth and efficient transport of package data, Ericsson supplied its innovative MINI-LINK TN. This is the latest evolution in the MINI-LINK family of microwave transmission solutions. It provides a platform for flexible, scalable and cost effective transmission, and operates smoothly with existing network equipment, which ensures full use of previous investments.

Dr Muhittin Sayin, Head of Access Transmission, Turkcell, describes the benefits of the project: "Through this proactive partnership project and our drive to utilize best in breed solutions, we have successfully modernized the network, enabling it to benefit from efficient voice and data transport as well as reduced costs."

With the built-in traffic handling functionality, the network has a unique potential to handle both voice and data in a very efficient and flexible way. This supports Turkcell's migration strategy towards an all-IP network. Serdar Alici, Account Manager, Ericsson, explains the benefits of the process used for Turkcell: "The migration from a hop approach to a network concept in the access transmission increased flexibility and saved space in the aggregation sites. This prepared the transmission network for future capacity growth in the most cost efficient way."

MINI-LINK TN efficiently transports both voice and data while ensuring network capacity is prepared for future growth. The modernization of the transmission network has left Turkcell well prepared for 3G. When required, additional capacity and new functionality can easily be accommodated through the Soft Keys as well as additional plug-in units on site.

IIter Terzioglu, CTO, Turkcell, describes the operator's strategy and how Ericsson is contributing to this: "We are working closely with Ericsson to expand our capacity to meet our ongoing business growth. It is now a natural step for us to change our focus from MINI-LINK E to MINI-LINK TN. By implementing MINI-LINK TN, we have secured both our capacity expansion and our future move to an all-IP network."


Customer: Turkcell, Turkey

Customer Objective

  • Scale with business growth, capacity for data services and subscriber growth and modernization of the transmission network

Ericsson Solution


Customer Benefits

  • Prepared for future capacity growth
  • Efficient voice and data transport
  • Reduced cost
  • 3G ready network

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