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LINK Mobility, Sweden gains vital message connectivity and distribution channels with Ericsson IPX.
LINK Mobility

As a growing company, LINK Mobility builds a reputation for offering reliable and efficient operations and scalable messaging solutions to its customers.

LINK Mobility is the largest and most rapidly growing distributor of enterprise messaging in Sweden. LINK Mobility's customers rely on it to send SMS messages for loyalty programs, mobile marketing and internal/employee communications. As a platform provider, LINK Mobility also creates and manages services for many of its customers.

It is essential for LINK Mobility to have a reliable and efficient messaging system in place and this is why it has chosen Ericsson as a partner. Ericsson's Internet Payment eXchange (IPX) services provide the quality and value for money that LINK Mobility is looking for, as Niclas Granholm, Manager, IPX Global Messaging, Ericsson illustrates: "It is our job to provide LINK Mobility with the best possible distribution channel. They are entrusting us with their mission and time-critical applications and we make sure that their customers’ messages are successfully delivered as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible cost."

IPX offers unrivalled coverage, giving LINK Mobility the possibility to access phone users anywhere in the world. The service is hosted on the same platform regardless of where the messages are going which makes it easy for LINK Mobility and its customers to target and reach users quickly. The opportunities that this presents for a growing organization are invaluable. Johan Wastlund, CEO, LINK Mobility explains: "Ericsson is able to deliver high quality, excellent delivery rates and the capacity which we require. These are necessary for LINK Mobility to offer our customers the kind of service they demand. Our experience with IPX and the fact that it is a global offering is also reassuring as that competence will certainly be useful to us, as and when we need to offer our customers wider/global distribution."

LINK Mobility manages messaging for large clients in Sweden and beyond. Global bank SEB uses the service for handling IT incidents. In the event of a problem, an SMS and an email are delivered to all of those concerned. Ericsson has a Service Level Agreement in place to measure response times and monitor this critical service on a 24/7 basis. Another major client, a leading European retailer in the Nordics, uses LINK Mobility's platform to manage its customer club and send tailored time-sensitive messages with short-term offers to loyal consumers. This method of targeted marketing is increasingly popular but it can take a lot of capacity to reach out to consumers in the best way and at the optimum time. IPX has the flexibility to manage a high level of messages simultaneously and can guarantee quicker delivery than any other service. For LINK Mobility, and in turn for its customers, this is vital.

LINK Mobility is able to attract and retain the best customers, and can offer innovative mobile marketing and messaging services, thanks to services provided by IPX. This considerably enhances the company's competitive position. LINK Mobility is growing rapidly with an ambition to become the largest messaging company in Scandinavia and further plans to extend beyond the region. Given the potential of messaging for marketing as well as company-wide communications, the partnership with IPX should remain a valuable asset.


Customer: LINK Mobility, Sweden

Customer Objective

  • Offer a stable messaging platform to customers
  • Maximize capacity and flexibility to handle traffic peaks
  • Improve competitive position ahead of expansion

Ericsson Solution

  • IPX Messaging
  • IPX Premium
  • IPX Location

Customer Benefits

  • quick and reliable messaging solution
  • Access to international business contacts
  • 24/7 support

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Customer profile

LINK Mobility's position in the Swedish market

LINK Mobility is one of the leading suppliers of mobile phone services to businesses in the Nordic countries. The organization offers a mobile platform for companies to use for mobile marketing and communication activities. By converging communication channels, LINK Mobility gives its customers the ability to reach users by voice, text or fax or link to a mobile portal in one easy step.