Nedjma, Algeria: Service with quality

Ericsson successfully deploys a comprehensive Network Operations Center for Nedjma in Algeria.

The establishment of the Network Operations Center provides Nedjma with full quality control of its end-user services. The new center also delivers reduced operational costs through improved process automation and a more streamlined organization. The result will enable Nedjma to become a lean operator.

When Nedjma fielded a Request For Proposals to establish a unified alarm monitoring system for its operations in Algeria, Ericsson's immediate response was to organize a series of workshops with the customer. These initial meetings provided a space in which Ericsson could ascertain the customer's precise requirements and establish factors such as the required functionality of the solution and the scope of the project.

Additionally, the meetings enabled Ericsson to present its own vision and capabilities in terms of Network Management and Systems Integration to Nedjma. From these workshops, Ericsson identified that Nedjma's needs were closely aligned with its own concept of a Network Management Solution (NMS). The meetings provided a forum in which Ericsson could explain the long-term benefits of the Network Operations Center (NOC) and share its own vision with the customer. Ericsson has a wide-ranging experience in the development and operation of NOCs, with several active sites in various regions around the world.

At Ericsson's fully integrated and operational NOCs, the Nedjma representatives witnessed first-hand the company's capabilities in building, organizing and handling an end-to-end NMS. Nedjma was also able to visit the sites of other customers that had integrated elements of Ericsson's NMS and see the solutions in practice. This included viewing a mobile operator's NOC in a live environment. During this early stage of the project, Ericsson took a consultant role to clearly define the requirements and objectives of the customer and agree on a phased approach to delivery. Also, this period enabled Ericsson to clearly demonstrate its credentials in Network Management and Systems Integration and its ability to take the Prime Integrator role, delivering a complete end-to-end NMS for the customer. Ericsson's flexibility, expertise in telecommunication management and willingness to take full responsibility and to manage all partners and Third Party Products (3PP), resulted in Nedjma awarding the contract to Ericsson.

As the Prime Integrator for the project, Ericsson provides Nedjma with a complete end-to-end solution. This includes Ericsson's management of all the relationships involved in the project and communicating with each of the vendors and partners. Further to this, Ericsson acts as a link and advisor between the various organizations and people involved in the project within Nedjma to create a comprehensive and fully integrated NMS.

The Ericsson solution is built upon the best available selection of both Ericsson and 3PP on the market. The various components of the NMS are developed and preinstalled at Ericsson's Global Service Delivery Centers (GSDC), in close cooperation with Nedjma. This allowed Ericsson and Nedjma's technical teams to discuss any customizations and adaptations that may be required before the systems are shipped to Algeria. Using this innovative approach resulted in the smooth and troublefree integration of systems into the live network. Since its launch, Nedjma has positioned itself as a multimedia operator and the NOC has empowered the company to focus on enhancing its offering to consumers. Nedjma's Operation & Maintenance department has been transformed by the project and its increased role within the organization reflects this.

The Ericsson solution has drawn from experience across the organization, as Richard Karam, Key Account Manager, Ericsson explains: "We have had an existing relationship with Nedjma in Algeria since 2004 and have worked hard to build a strong team since that time to support them in reaching their goals. With this project we have gained leverage from our local and regional presence and drawn upon Ericsson's global technical knowledge to deliver a state-of-the-art NMS. Ericsson continues to work with the customer in the region, offering consulting, integration and operational services to further refine the organization. Ericsson is currently working with Nedjma to develop long-term architecture for Service Assurance. Also, our Solution Support service proactively addresses any issues and secures the uptime of the NOC, while Ericsson's Life Cycle Management service is in place to handle any adaptations that the market’s evolution may require."

Joseph Ged, CEO, Nedjma, Algeria describes how Ericsson's offering places the customer in an enhanced competitive position: "Our thorough evaluation of all the submitted offers clearly demonstrated to us Ericsson's capability as a managed services provider and underlined their expertise and understanding of the technology. This project has resulted in us achieving our objective of having full visibility over all of the various elements in our network, allowing us to see any alarms in advance of a real issue developing. This will deliver immediate benefits for our customers as drop call rates and coverage will improve. Ericsson has been a key partner in achieving our objectives in the very challenging Algerian market.

Trust can be built over time and this is what has happened between Nedjma and Ericsson. The Ericsson solution will ensure that the network is future-proof and will enhance our position as the multimedia operator in Algeria. The Algerian mobile market has grown from less than 3 million subscribers in 2003, to in-excess of 23 million in 2009. Penetration in the country is still fairly low at approximately 65 percent. There is still much room for growth and we feel that this project and the NOC will be a key part of Nedjma's future success in Algeria."


Customer: Nedjma, Algeria

Customer Objective

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Future-proof NMS
  • Improve competitive position

Ericsson Solution

  • Ericsson Management Products: Network IQ (Performance), OSS Navigator (Service Level), Resolution (Trouble/Workforce)
  • 3PP Products: HP TeMIP (Fault Management), Eyevis System (Wall Display)
  • Business Consulting
  • Systems Integration
  • Solution Management

Customer Benefits

  • Improved efficiency across the organization
  • Fully automated processes and total network visibility
  • Centralized Network Operations Center
  • Future-proof solution

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Customer profile

Nedjma's position in the Algerian market

Nedjma was launched as a commercial brand of Wataniya Telecom Algeria (WTA) in August 2004. WTA is a subsidiary of the Q-Tel Group and was the first multimedia mobile operator in Algeria. The Q-Tel Group has a presence in 17 markets providing fixed-line and mobile, internet, data and cable television services.

Nedjma was granted its license for wireless services in December 2003. Today, Nedjma holds 24 percent market share and continues to introduce new standards to mobile communications in Algeria. Nedjma's customer base has grown from 280 000 customers at the end of 2004 to nearly 6 million.