Telefonica, Ecuador: Trust quality

Telefonica, Ecuador draws on Ericsson's expertise to maintain network quality.

Telefonica chooses Ericsson as a consulting partner for an optimization and benchmarking project in Ecuador, with the objective of reducing cost and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Ecuador's telecommunications authority SENATEL has established high standards for voice, data and video and all operators are reviewed on a yearly basis. In order to comply with government standards and KPIs, all operators in Ecuador need to monitor network quality.

Telefonica recently took the decision to contract these services out. Ericsson's network knowledge, excellent response times and experts in Radio Frequency meant that it was the perfect strategic consulting partner. Although Telefonica, Ecuador had no existing Ericsson infrastructure it was certain that Ericsson had the right competence to meet its strict requirements. The success of this project illustrates the flexibility of Ericsson's processes and demonstrates an ability to deliver to high standards on non-Ericsson equipment. Christian Troya, Account Manager, Ericsson underlines the importance of these transferable processes: "Because the network is supplied by another vendor we are an impartial partner, so it is a very objective approach we are giving to the customer. The trust that they showed in allowing us to carry out any work that we felt necessary is testimony to the strength of our worldwide relationship with the Telefonica group."

Ericsson delivered Network Performance Improvement Services and Benchmarking under a two-year technology and strategy contract. The contract has now been extended for a further two years and with a group of approximately 20 people working on the project locally, Ericsson has gained an in-depth understanding of how the customer can maximize the potential of its network. Furthermore, the success of the deal has significance for the industry as a whole, says Marius Sirbu, Strategic Product Manager, Ericsson: "The project with Telefonica demonstrates perfectly how Ericsson’s technology consulting services are easily adapted to other vendors' environments. This shows that the services we offer can benefit a huge range of organizations."

Telefonica, Ecuador benefits from a weekly assessment with regard to network and sector level KPIs. Ericsson presents an analysis of all areas of the network and this customized approach means that particular attention is given to trouble tickets from important customers. Telefonica now has the means to compare its coverage and quality issues with those of its main competitor in Ecuador, which is invaluable from a strategic point of view. In addition to the consulting contract, Telefonica has selected Ericsson's TEMS software and terminals for network analysis. With this level of control in place, Telefonica is able to successfully manage the growth of its network in Ecuador safe in the knowledge that Ericsson is monitoring quality issues. Optimization of the network also increases efficiency so Telefonica benefits from reduced costs at the same time as maximizing service quality and customer satisfaction. David Holgado, CTO, Telefonica, Ecuador sums up the project outcome and benefits: "With the consulting contract from Ericsson we are able to meet and exceed the high level of network quality laid out in SENATEL's standards."


Customer: Telefonica, Ecuador

Customer Objective

  • To meet and exceed national quality regulations
  • Maximize service quality
  • Reduce costs

Ericsson Solution

  • Consulting
  • Network Performance Improvement and Benchmarking Services
  • TEMS Investigation

Customer Benefits

  • Improved quality control
  • A more efficient network
  • Closer monitoring of competitor position
  • Strong platform for growth
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

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Customer profile

Telefonica's position in the Equador market

Telefonica is one of the world's leading telecommunications operators with a presence in Europe, Africa and Latin America. In September 2008 the group reached a customer base of 252 million. In Latin America, Telefonica provides communication services to more than 153 million subscribers.

Under the brand name of Movistar, Telefonica has 3 million subscribers across Ecuador and is a major employer in the country.