Tunisiana, Tunisia: Just two clicks

Tunisiana first to launch self-care portal to increase sales, improve customer loyalty and reduce costs.

Service enablement

In July 2012, around 10 years after the birth of the company, operator Tunisiana launched its first 3G service. The company was the third to launch such a service in the country and Tunisiana realized that it would need to offer more than its competitors in order to gain a significant share of the market.

As Tunisia is largely a prepaid market, Tunisiana’s solution was to differentiate its service by providing subscribers with a self-care portal. This would allow users to have more control over their spending.

"We wanted to have something that differentiated us from the competition and to provide a much better user experience than our competitors," explains Jalel Kamoun, Director of BSS and VAS, Tunisiana.

Tunisiana’s chosen solution was a self-care portal based on the Multiservice Delivery Platform from Ericsson. It was the first such service to be launched in the Tunisian market.

Watching the pennies

The portal makes it quick and simple for Tunisiana’s subscribers to make a purchase online, as Jalel Kamoun explains: "Through the self-care portal, the customer can activate and buy the right package in a couple of clicks through a web browser, gadget, widget or app."

It enables customers to buy credit, bundles and upgrades, as well as accessing new services and monitoring their spending – the latter of which is especially popular amongst customers in prepaid markets.

Driving up sales

The self-service portal also provides business benefits for Tunisiana, as Ikbel Bensliman, KAM, Ericsson, explains: "The solution is an nScreen user experience management system. It allows Tunisiana to reduce time-to-market, attract new users and improve loyalty. There is also the potential to increase revenue through upsell channels."

The Multiservice Delivery Platform allows Tunisiana to monitor its customers’ usage and spending to make use of targeted offers, providing further upsell benefits. The portal’s ease-of-use provides increased average revenue per customer and sales of Value-Added Services. The solution also reduces opex due to its low maintenance costs and the reduced load on call centers.

Rapid implementation

When Ericsson came to the project, the 3G license had already been purchased and the service’s launch date fixed. Ericsson only had six months in which to implement the Multiservice Delivery Platform – in the end it only took four.

The solution has already provided Tunisiana with significant benefits as Jalel Kamoun explains: "Uptake of data on prepaid packages with existing 2G users has increased by at least 50 percent. The uptake of 3G data packages through the self-care portal has grown rapidly to more than 50 percent since the launch of the service." Sales of the popular Facebook package have also soared since the portal’s introduction.

With the system now implemented, Tunisiana has been able to cement its position as a leading service provider in the country. However there are still more development options available for the operator including the opportunity to enrich the solution with new features that would further improve the user experience and drive sales.

Ericsson was able to ensure the self-care portal’s success, Jalel Kamoun explains: "The project was managed perfectly. We have seen good support from Ericsson and excellent delivery. This is the first project we have done with Ericsson and we had a really good experience with them. We look forward to having the support of Ericsson in the future."


Catch up with the established 3G market by offering differentiated services.

Fast time-to-market for new Value-Added Services and data packages.


Multiscreen self-care solution, using Ericsson Multiservice Delivery Platform.

Enables subscribers to manage their mobile spending quickly and easily.

Allows Tunisiana to produce personalized offerings based on purchase history and consumption.


50 percent increase in data package sales.

Rapid integration – only four months from project inception to service launch.

Increased customer loyalty due to a better user experience.

Reduced opex through offloading of customer care.

Increased ARPU.

User Profile

My name is Naouel, I am from Tunis. I am an engineer and I am a Tunisiana subscriber. I have a prepaid subscription because I want to control my budget and my consumption.

I chose Tunisiana because it always offers new, attractive services which are up to date with the latest technologies. For the moment it is the only provider that offers the possibility to purchase services directly from the web interface.

It is better and easier than other providers because the self-care portal makes the services clearer for me and it’s also easier to use and to purchase from.

The advantage of the Espace client [Tunisiana’s downloadable client] is that it displays the exact services suitable to my subscription and to me.

With Espace client I can also check my credit and my bundles. I purchased the Facebook bundle because I use it all the time to message my friends.

Customer Profile

With 55 percent of the market share, Tunisiana is the largest private telecoms operator in Tunisia. A member of the Qtel Group, the company provides fixed and mobile services across the country, as well as data services for its mobile customers.

In July 2012, Tunisiana launched 3G services to its 4.8 million subscribers. The network aims to extend these services to cover 87 percent of the population during 2013. The company also plans to launch high quality HD voice services and speeds of up to 42 Mbps to provide the best possible service to its subscribers.