Speed, agility, performance

Ericsson is a game changer

True courtside experience

For broadcasters, fans, and athletes alike, Ericsson’s leading technologies enrich the sporting experience, bringing people closer to the action, and creating new immersive ways to showcase the commitment, excitement, and teamwork of sports. For a team playing before a packed stadium or a lonesome runner on a forest track, connectivity and mobility enable new values in an emerging internet of sport.

One stadium, 60,000 smartphones, multiple HD streams – no sweat

Sports fans are a passionate breed. And whether they’re at the match or on their couch, they demand the full experience – the blood, sweat, and cheers. Whether its action replays for live viewers in the stadium, live sports streaming, or feature-rich second screen apps, Ericsson’s technologies help fans get in the game.

The more beautiful game

Learn how Ericsson transformed the mobile experience for fans of the 2016 European football championships by boosting the networks at 10 French stadiums.

Creating the Connected Stadium
Spectators in stadiums and arenas want to share and enhance their experiences via mobile apps. But providing coverage to massive crowds presents many challenges. Learn how operators can create superior event experiences in the connected stadium.

Connecting the beautiful game – Soccer’s 5G goal
Soccer is about to go hi-tech thanks to 5G technology.

Key Event Experience
Mobile broadband powering abundant smart phones and other devices raises user expectations of network performance.

Raising the bar for sports broadcasting

Ericsson’s a great team player, partnering with broadcasters and network operators to cover sports events like never before. From building network capacity to ensure massive, multiple data streams, to creating control room systems that catch every angle, every stat, and every split second call of the greatest sporting events on the planet.

Bringing it home

4K and augmented reality (AR) are the new frontier of sports coverage. See how our technologies create new possibilities in digital sport, helping broadcasters delight fans and stay ahead of a rapidly changing game.

BT Sport HD 
See how Ericsson helped BT launch two brand-new, premium, state-of-the-art sports channels.

Stunning, fast, and accurate analysis graphics for sports broadcasters.

The digital signatures of sport
Real-time viewing, sharing, and social networking are now integral to sports events.

Maximizing spectators' experience
See how operators met the massive rise in mobile broadband use for the biggest football tournament in history.

Impact players – Strides ahead

Athletes are more connected than ever before – the Internet of Sports helps them track every stride, lap, leap, and heartbeat. From training track to game day, networked athletes have access to real-time data, everywhere. 

Summer of Sports: Tennis Pro Johanna Larsson on sports & tech

Defending champion Johanna Larsson​ is back at the Ericsson Open and we caught her between games to talk about how technology can improve sports, for both fans and players.

Keeping it real in the internet of sports

Technology is becoming increasingly integrated into sports to enhance the event for all – but when does it become too 'virtual' and we lose the true value of the experience?

MC10 + Reebok Checklight
Wearable sensors and monitoring devices make contact sports safer.

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball
The coach inside the football.

Motion connected, wearable technology.

The mobile app becomes your personal running coach.