Enabling Estonia's 5G with Telia and Intel

Telia, Ericsson and Intel Corporation deliver superfast and secure 5G connectivity to Tallink’s cruise ships at the Port of Tallinn in Estonia.

Telia preparing for 5G

Stockholm and Tallinn are two of the most connected cities in the world. Telia is working on their preparation for 5G networks. Watch the video to learn how.

Telia 5G Tallink show case

Tallink, Telia, Ericsson and Intel have created a 5G test and exploration area at the Port of Tallinn. The 5G trial network is delivering internet connectivity to the commercial passenger cruise ships and their passengers while in port. This is one of the first operational 5G trial networks with an ecosystem of partners, customers and consumers.

With millions passengers annually on its Baltic Sea routes, Tallink Group is one of the largest ocean transport companies in Europe. Each of the cruise ship carries as many as 2,000 passengers. With the 5G connected on-ship WiFi network Tallink customers can use excellent Internet connection during mooring and departure.

The solution uses Ericsson’s 5G radio trial system consisting of 5G antenna integrated radio and baseband, in conjunction with the Intel® 5G Mobile Trial Platform to transfer passenger data traffic along with data from the ship’s own information and communications systems to a millimeter wave and extends Telia’s mobile network to 5G.

Testing and exploring 5G use cases in real life environment gives Ericsson developers practical knowledge and feedback on the new technology helping us to really meet the customer needs and expectations.

5G Trials

We are continuously carrying out joint 5G Trials and proof of concepts with operators across the world, testing, learning and pushing the boundaries of how 5G can meet new needs.

Building 5G networks

5G technology will encompass an evolution of today's LTE technology with the addition of new 5G Standalone access technologies, often in higher frequencies. 5G will impact the entire mobile network and associated eco-system, from devices to radio access, IP core and into the cloud.

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