Scania One

Connected Vehicle Marketplace provides the structure for Scania One

Scania is a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles, including heavy trucks and buses. With the launch of their Scania One platform, they are the first of our partners to use Connected Vehicle Marketplace in commercial vehicles.

With Scania One, fleet owners and drivers get easy access to relevant connected services that can increase productivity and simplify the transport assignment. The platform is also designed to open up new business opportunities and revenue streams for Scania.

Scania One offers an attractive single device interface, where customers may add services at will. Using a purpose-built tablet, drivers can access all the apps and services that their transport company subscribes to.


Supporting sustainability goals

Scania ONE is a single digital gateway to a host of connected services for fleet owners and drivers. With one-quarter million connected Scania vehicles, Scania One provides coherent and simple access to efficiency-enhancing services.

A white label solution for passenger and commercial vehicles

Connected Vehicle Marketplace offers automotive manufacturers like Scania the possibility to define, orchestrate and expand an ecosystem of digital services around their connected vehicles. We provide Scania a “white label” solution for the software and interface that make up Scania One.

To create new business models and revenue streams, Scania can securely and efficiently work with third-party developers using our streamlined and standardized platform. With all of the network and performance adjustment done on Ericsson’s end, Scania can provide and adjust offerings wherever their customers may be located.

Explore how vehicle-to-vehicle communication is enabling new paths to efficiency, safety and sustainability for Scania

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