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IoT Connectivity Management as a Service

Brighter CEO, Henrik Norström, discusses the challenges and opportunities that IoT brings to heathcare

Out-of-the-box global connectivity for healthcare IoT

Getting healthcare IoT on the global market requires an ecosystem of operator and enterprise partners.


The Challenge

Brighter is a Swedish health tech company founded in 2007 with the mission to improve quality of life and reduce the complications of chronic diseases. Through a digital ecosystem of connected devices, Brighter allows users to share data with healthcare providers, family, payers and other parties. To that end, the team developed Actiste, a pocket-sized, connected device serving insulin-treated diabetics with measurement of glucose levels, insulin injections, and automatic logging, all in a single unit.

A digital interface stores data on glucose readings and dosing levels, and allows users to log meals and other relevant data. This data is then securely shared with healthcare professionals and caregivers chosen by the user via a mobile network connection.

To launch Actiste globally, Brighter needed to offer a unified customer experience in each market. Actiste required robust, out-of-the-box connectivity anywhere it might be used.

It was also crucial that the data gathering and sharing was secure and in compliance with local and global regulations. Making that all happen would require an ecosystem of operator and enterprise partners.

Supporting sustainability goals

Addressing a global healthcare concern

Brighter’s Actiste device addresses diabetes, a health issue that impacts people around the world. This IoT solution needs to work locally and at a global level. Truls Sjösted, CEO at Brighter, tells how Ericsson supported this solution from idea to readiness for the global market.

Highlights: A global healthcare IoT ecosystem

  • Brighter wanted to launch its IoT health solution globally
  • The device needed a secure connectivity solution to work in each market
  • Brighter pre-installed a Gemalto eUICC / eSIM
  • Brighter chose Arkessa solutions to connect the Actiste device
  • Arkessa use Gemalto's On Demand Connectivity (ODC) platform to localize device connections when required
  • Ericsson's Device Connection Platform supports the Arkessa solution
  • Brighter delivers consistent service with a single, global SLA

The Solution

To connect the Actiste devices, Brighter selected European operator Arkessa for an out-of-the-box connectivity solution. Arkessa’s MVNO solution delivers a global connectivity footprint using Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Cards (eUICC) and GSMA-compliant remote provisioning services.

The eUICC is provided by Gemalto, the world’s largest manufacturer of SIM cards. Sometimes referred to as an embedded-SIM (eSIM), an eUICC is pre-installed in IoT devices before rollout.

Gemalto's On Demand Connectivity (ODC) platform supports localization or customization of connectivity over the local mobile network operator’s network, according to regulations, geographic and commercial requirements. With this capability, Actiste can fall back on national roaming when out of range of the main selected service provider partner.

Ericsson’s IoT Connectivity Management handles multi-domestic connectivity, which means that an enterprise only interfaces with one selected, lead operator. This lead operator (in this case Arkessa) works with their existing ecosystem of operators or joins forces with new operators as needed to provide Service Level Agreement (SLA) driven connectivity. Ericsson also supported Brighter’s go-to-market strategies. The team was able to use the eSIM to help localize service and benefit from local operators’ reach, which in turn reduced Brighter’s go-to-market investment and allowed for better revenue opportunities.

Healthcare IoT diabetes device

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Enabling a global IoT with eSIMs

While connected solutions previously required the installation of SIMs for each market and operator, the eSIM is operator-agnostic, allowing for localization of a global roaming profile. The eSIM also makes it more difficult to tamper with IoT devices, improving security for the device’s identity and the data fed into the operational system.

Healthcare IoT
“Brighter is brilliantly positioned to make a positive impact with their Actiste product, and we are delighted to enable their global expansion.” - Andrew Orrock, CEO at Arkessa
Connectivity for Healthcare IoT
“We decided to use 3GPP connectivity for security and scalability. Working with Arkessa and Ericsson, this IoT Connectivity Management solution gives us the control and quality we need to securely handle patient data. We can also guarantee connectivity and device management, no matter where in the world the user happens to be.” - Truls Sjöstedt, Founder of Brighter
connectivity for Healthcare IoT
“Through Gemalto's eSIM and ODC platform we are providing the most efficient solution, enabling simple and reliable communication for the greater benefits of patients who will enjoy the best connectivity.” - Benoit Jouffrey, Vice President of Connectivity and Embedded Solutions at Gemalto

The Results

Brighter is marketing Actiste to both consumers and healthcare providers across the globe. The flexibility of the connectivity solution has simplified Brighter’s go-to-market process and ensured a globally-consistent customer experience with out-of-the-box functionality.

treatment of diabetes

With one global eSIM, end-to-end security and global roaming are built into the Actiste devices. The multi-domestic services of Ericsson’s Connectivity Management provide a uniform SLA across mobile operators. Supported by Arkessa and Ericsson DCP, a single portal ensures Brighter has real-time visibility and management for every Actiste device, Brighter’s platform advancements will allow customers to seamlessly scale and localize services with ease. In turn, Brighter will be able to develop newer and better services to help customers.

With an efficiently connected healthcare solution, Brighter is positioned to make a positive impact in the treatment of diabetes. Ericsson is proud to support Brighter in their mission to improve the wellbeing of society.

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