Solutions to reduce water pollution

China Mobile and OceanAlpha, China

smart vessel


To clean water and reduce pollutants in rivers.


A Broadband IoT Smart Vessel demonstrates an unmanned vessel operating remotely over a 4G network to clean the water.


The smart vessel harnesses the capacity and lower latency of forthcoming networks to perform operations in almost real time. It operates autonomously, collecting water quality monitoring data, identifying the cause of the pollutant with HD cameras and taking necessary measures to address these pollutants.

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Ericsson reveals award-winning Broadband IoT Smart Vessel with China Mobile and OceanAlpha

Making waves at Mobile World Congress 2019 this week, Ericsson is showcasing an award-winning Smart Vessel industrial use case – operating remotely on commercial 4G broadband. The use case is a joint development of Ericsson, China Mobile and OceanAlpha.

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Active SDGs

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

The highlighted Sustainable Development Goals are included in the project.

“Growth in cellular IoT connectivity is expected to accelerate as industries digitalize. We see a big opportunity to expand our existing business beyond mobile broadband. We’ve sustained momentum in the IoT space with heightened 4G capabilities and are prepared for 5G enhancements when they come.”

- Jie Zheng, General Manager of China Mobile Zhejiang Company